“Destroy All Hope” and “Change Into A Gun” Art Prints by Tim Doyle

First of all, let me introduce our newest sponsor, Pandora’s Prints.  This site has been in the works for awhile, and they have a ton of prints for sale.  Their first exclusive comes from Tim Doyle, and it’s a followup to his uber-successful Change Into a Truck print.  “Destroy All Hope” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 160, and is $30.  The variant, “Change Into A Gun” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 50, and is $50.  Visit PandorasPrints.com.

21 Responses to ““Destroy All Hope” and “Change Into A Gun” Art Prints by Tim Doyle”

  1. I picked up the Destroy All Hope last night, should look good next to my truck print.

  2. got em both, should look awesome!!

  3. these are nice…change into a truck is nice……but is anyone else a little sick of the faux obama posters?

  4. It’s obviously been done by several different people but i like the transformers references involved in these. I dont buy them because of the obama factor involved at all. (not saying thats what you were saying) I like the look of them and they go along with alot of the other pop art i have in my place.

  5. Just an FYI, if you missed the chance to pick up a “Change into a truck” print, Pandora has them, too:


    They seem to be going way up in price though. I got mine a few days ago for $100, now they’re selling for $125! Supply and demand, I guess.

  6. Seems like more and more sites are turning to flipping as a source of income. Why not I guess. Just seems some pass themselves off as a legit provider of orginial or soley sourced prints but in reality they are just an ebay store with its own web address.

  7. Not really feeling them to be honest with you, though Change into a Truck was great however..

  8. Milk that cow. This guy should stick to running Mondotees.

  9. well since tim doyle is an avid supporter of this site, im sure he’ll have something to say about this.

    Also, Tim why didnt you make them the same color paper so that way we could have a “change” set?

  10. sigh… election is over. faux fairey posters are over. with that said, why are these being made now? pet rocks of 2009.

  11. yea, I wondered about the same thing. Why isn’t the change into a gun more like change into a truck. They would look awesome right next to each other if they matched more. Even the typeface is different so unfortunately I’m going to skip on this one although I like the idea.

  12. I wont buy a poster with horizontally stretched type.. look at the word HOPE. Bad bad bad.

  13. I’m not really tired of it at all, they look great!

  14. They are good fun and totally harmless .

    Bring on Grimlock !

  15. Totally needed something as evil as megatron and destroy all hope. Optimus had my room looking a bit too… optimistic.
    I would love to see a devastator, but then again my wallet and lack of wallspace probably wouldnt.

  16. I would have thought Megatron could have looked a little meaner.

  17. “Hey Now, on September 15th, 2009 at 9:39 am Said:
    Milk that cow. This guy should stick to running Mondotees.”

    Mom? Is that you? I told you to stop bothering me at work!

  18. Hasn’t that Obama bandwagon left the station yet? Move on. Next!

  19. These prints are a little late to the Fairey knock off party!

  20. Thank you, Craig!! For corn sake!

  21. A little late for last election? Election over? Maybe so however in three years, Obama will be running for office again so it won’t be long before this is once again relevant but of course if you want to complain, you could just say the prints are too early for the election…

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