Reader Contest: Win a 20″ Natural Wood ReFRAME

Here’s the first in what I hope will be an ongoing series of awesome reader contests.  First of all, if you’re not familiar with ReFRAMEs, they are beautifully modern, glassless poster frames from Soundscreen Design (to stay in the loop with them, sign up for their mailing list).  They come in a number of sizes and finishes, and are very reasonably priced.  For people that are crazy addicted to posters, and always have new stuff coming in, these are a great solution.  One lucky reader will receive a 20″ wide ReFRAME in a natural wood finish.  This is a $29 value, and shipping is on me.  To enter the contest: Just leave a comment in the comments section of this post.  Please be honest and don’t post under a bunch of different names, I really don’t want to have to deal with looking at IP’s.  I will draw a winner in 48 hours (around 5am CST on Saturday, September 12th).  Good luck to everyone.  To find out more about the ReFRAME line, visit Soundscreen Design.

Ok everyone, I have determined a winner.  Using the True Random Number Generator at, I came up with a lucky number of 166.  The 166th commenter was CJ, so CJ, you have won the free frame.  Like I said, this will hopefully be the first of many reader contests to come, so don’t feel left out yet.  Hope everyone had fun, cheers!!

278 Responses to “Reader Contest: Win a 20″ Natural Wood ReFRAME”

  1. It´s nice and looks easy to replace when you wanna change the poster.


  2. Frames eat up as much of my money as the posters do. Thanks for this prize!

  3. i did’nt know ReFRAME and its very nice solution for poster ‘s lover.

  4. Nice! I have since become addicted to OMG. I was desperately researching for a blog like this, where I could find a variety of art based posters. Little did I know, I would soon find myself budgeting a poster purchase once or twice a month. I’m very pleased with OMG as a resource and an all around central hub for present and future quality poster news. Keep up the good work, and I will continue to visit every day.

  5. Sounds good!

  6. Thanks for the contest! **keeps fingers crossed**

  7. ah… . comment

  8. Oh, this looks nice. If I win I’ll pay for shipping to Norway myself. You will actually save money if I win. Woohoo!

  9. Contests!? Just when I thought this site couldn’t get any sweeter.

  10. i’ve got a Todd Slater / The Cure poster that would look awesome in a frame like this (better than it’s current home in portfolio anyway)

  11. My Jane Doe print would look mint in this, AND it means I could take it out of storage and make my walls look pretty again 😀 thanks

  12. awesome

  13. Yes, thanks for the contest Ill keep IP corssed 😉

  14. Would love to try it out.
    Thanks, Mitch.

  15. Cool contest. Looks like a sweet poster frame.

  16. Lets reframe it all!

  17. Supersweet! 😀
    I won a contest once.. it was a plastic airplane the size of my palm that i threw off a bridge to make it fly, but it didn’t, and it was gone forever.
    oohhh, the painful childhood memories..

    If I win these I will make a plane out of them and make them rocket to the SKY!!

  18. Those frame’s look saucy.

  19. looks like a great option for quick framing! im in!

  20. Would love to have one of these! So many posters, so few frames.

  21. Count me in!

  22. word…give it too me

  23. Uh i really like it and want some of them

  24. Nice. I’d try ’em out.

  25. i tried to win one of these over on geepee, i’ll try again here.

  26. i can always use another frame…seven new prints sitting in tubes right now waiting for freedom

  27. Who couldn’t use another frame!

  28. I would love to try this out
    Thanks for the contest Mitch!

  29. so many tubes…

  30. oooh! ohhh! me! pick me!

  31. I need this! Great giveaway!

  32. Nice contest. Thanks Mitch!

  33. Cool beans man

  34. I’ve wanted one of these for ages! Actually, I’ve wanted about seven of them, but one would be a good start!

  35. I dare you to send a $29 frame to Australia free of charge!

  36. I was going to keep my identity hidden for eternity, but I can crawl out of my hole with the lure of a free frame.

  37. i love reframe – seriously.

  38. Nice! Count me in.

  39. I’ve been diagnosed with this disease where I buy posters and then instead of buying frames for these posters like any reasonable human would do, I buy more prints. Doctors and my bank account aren’t sure how long I can go on living like this. This contest could be my only chance for survival. Please do your part and help me break this death spin of destruction.

  40. I can has framez, mIkE?!

  41. That would be great!

  42. Beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win one of these!

  43. Thanks mitch for the giveaway!

  44. Leave it up to the chance to win something to end months if not years of lurking! Good Luck everybody

  45. I live in a flat in the city and i cant put nails in the walls , or the landlord takes my deposit .. so i have poster in tubes in my cupboard that i cant hang .. this is rad cos its light .. and i could use double sided tape… :) ..

  46. Would love to use this for some of my prints. Love your site and used to buy a bunch of stuff, I just get behind on framing them.

  47. Thanks very much, I could really use one of these.

  48. I need more on the walls and less in the file….

    Thanks Mitch-

  49. very nice, if i don’t win i might actually buy one :)

  50. awesome idea for an awesome site. thanks for doing this!

  51. woot! free stuff for the win!!

  52. Less is more! Sleek, affordable framing. Keep ’em out of the files…

    Thanks for the contest, Jonathan…

  53. Looks really slick!

  54. This may help me deal with the stack of posters that are building in the back room.

  55. This is awesome…even if I don’t win, I’ve been looking for something like this to display stuff without forking out my life savings on frames!

  56. Looks good!
    I got a bunch of posters waiting to on the walls.

  57. Great giveaway idea! These frames are right on track with what I’ve been looking for.
    Very smart and chic.
    I hope I win.

  58. Can always use more frames. Thanks!

  59. Pick me, pick me!

  60. They use ‘frames’ like this at International Poster Gallery in Boston. Look like they work out well. Thanks!

  61. boobs

  62. Best Idea ever!
    I <3 innovating framing

  63. I’ve never seen these kind of frames. They look very cool and easy to assemble. Thanks for the give-away!!

  64. Just one more thing that makes this site Awesome. Keep on rocking!

  65. I’d take one. Thanks!

  66. me, me, me! (hand raised high)

  67. Cool idea for a giveaway.

  68. Oh man, fantastic! Spending too much on posters means less money available for frames… thanks for the contest!

  69. Great contest idea! Count me in

  70. contest!

  71. Thanks for the giveaway. These frames are pretty sweet — it’d be cool not to have to use binder clips anymore. **wink**wink**nudge**nudge**

  72. Love that frame… And with all the Dan McCarthy prints I’ve been picking up it would surely be useful!

    Thanks for having the contest. :)

  73. gimme, gimme, gimme

  74. Hit me!

  75. Thanks for the contest!

  76. In!

  77. Nice solution.
    Thanks for the contest Mitch

  78. Very Cool! Thanks for the contest!!

  79. in the process of doing some remodeling… w/ lots of blank wall space… aka… finally get to hang up some damn posters… thanks much…

  80. Love this site. Thanks for the contest. Thanks for all the hard work you do and info you provide. I would have missed out on a bunch of great art had it not been for this site

  81. Nice contest. Been curious about these for a while now.

  82. As of this year my collection of prints grew up to about 25 and i’ve only taken the time to frame one of them. The rest are currently being stored flat sheltered from our eyes. I need to stop buying for a bit and focus on framing. HELP ME!

  83. Awesome indeed.

  84. Thanks for the contest. Anyone know if these are available from any resellers that take paypal?

  85. Very cool contest. Fingers crossed!

  86. Thanks for the opportunity!

  87. I am super super in need of frames… I’m excited.

  88. great idea, like probably 95% of the people on here i am in dire need of frames

  89. OmgReframe!

  90. Hit me up !
    Thanks Mitch

  91. Thanks ever so! Love your style and your site.

  92. Very nice thank you !

  93. Bonjour!

  94. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Snappppp

  95. mitch, thanks for this contest!

  96. Will you announce who the winner will be?

  97. Thanks!!!

  98. Wow, it’s just the kind of frame that fits for a poster that’s waiting to be hanged on my walls!!

  99. Awesome! Thanks for this contest!!!

  100. Awesome. I may have to buy some of these– though I hope to win one of these…

  101. Cool! These look great.

    OMG Posters is one of the few blogs in my feed that I actually keep up with and read every entry. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  102. Yay for free stuff.

  103. these look ideal for the poster collecttor, sure, enter me in the contest!

  104. These are really sweet — better than the nailed clothespins Ive been using!

  105. thanks for the contest! Who doesn’t like free?

  106. These frames look super col, even if I don’t win I think I will have to pick up one or two. Guess that is the point of this contest.


  107. Me,me.

  108. Great frames and excellent giveaway. Love the OMG Vinyl and Poster sites. My wallet is lighter as a result of both!

  109. Nice and simple. Cool.

  110. I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts.

  111. Dope! Thanks for the contest…

  112. long time looker, first time commenter.

  113. Obligatory contest entry text!

  114. Oh! no! I’ve beeeeeennnnnnnnnn fraaaaaaamammammammmememeeed!!!! (hopefully)

  115. helloooo nurse!

  116. Love buying posters, can’t afford to get them framed. ReFRAME is a great solution.

  117. What Ribski said. ^

  118. Hoping for a ReFrame!

  119. lovely jubbly

  120. Here it goes. I never win anything.

  121. I am due to win one of these online contests…I just know it.

  122. Nice contest, IM IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. i’d like serious health care reform and i’d like to win this

  124. pick me!!

  125. Hi,

    I’m in! And I love this blog. I’ve bought several posters thanks to you.

  126. Win? :o)

  127. I have the perfect piece for a frame like this.

  128. moneybags all around. Thanks.

  129. Thanks.

    For the blog too. I’m here daily.

  130. Wowee zowee

  131. woooowoooooo, I want one!

  132. Sweet. Thanks!

  133. Are these acid free etc? Sounds like an awesome idea, I just can’t help but wonder exactly how these fasten and if they cold possibly damage the print? Not trying to be Debbie Downer, just curious. Love the idea!

  134. Its nice to have more options for framing! I have too many posters in my portfolio! Rad!

  135. Looks good. Thanks for keeping up an awesome site.

  136. i wanna win.

  137. must… empty…some….tubes…
    winna winna chicken dinna!
    love your site.

  138. Rad, heres to hoping!

  139. I love posters and winning!

  140. me want!

  141. Oh so nice!

  142. Superb! thanks for the chance!

  143. I want the gold!

  144. Awesome – I love ReFRAMES!! Thanks!

  145. Sweet contest Mitch, thank you!

  146. Hook it up!

    nice to offer some contests going to be out a lot of non posters :)

  147. I want one! I have so many posters that are desperately in need of a frame so I can display them. Help me and my posters out!

  148. Great frame contest from a great blog.

  149. Sounds good! Good luck everyone!

  150. I love this blog! It is one of only a few daily must-reads. Thank you!!

  151. I like frames.

  152. Don’t have many posters but I’m building up my collection.
    Hope to win! :)

  153. Throwing my hat in the ring. Thanks for the great offer!

  154. start covering my walls!

  155. Great idea… This is EXACTLY what I need for changing things up on the fly… Signed up for the mailing list, so keep me in the loop!!!

  156. Thanks for the contest, site keeps getting better and better!

  157. nice contest, i’d like to own one of these.

  158. Now i can hopefully wni a frame to use for all the poster i keep buying. Thanks OMG!

  159. I need something like this, I have way to many tubes of posters, and way too little money to get them framed :)

  160. Why hello there!

  161. yup, definitely need something like this

  162. Finally, a classy way to hang my Kate Beckinsale Nudie-shot.

  163. These are so cool….perfect solutions for rotating my posters.

  164. oooh! ohhh! me! pick me!

  165. long time reader, first time commenter! good idea for a contest – your blog is such a great resource for fantastic (and affordable) artwork, and frames are so expensive! ..keep up the good work, i’ll definitely keep reading :)

  166. oh please let me win.


  168. Can you trim these? I have a 25″ but they only make a 26″.

  169. what a great idea…both the reframe, and the contest!

  170. Awesome !! Thank you !!

  171. Dude, I am in the same boat as emily and totally agree with her, I check your site daily and I get itchy when there is nothing on the weekends. You are doing an awesome job and we all appreciate the resource. It’s insane how much I’ve been spending on frames, and you are partly to blame for this, so its pretty freakin sweet of you to do this. Once again, I am so stoked by what you do, keep up the good work.

  172. cool cool. i always need more frames.

  173. I’ve seen these at a bar in SF.

  174. could always use more wood

  175. Thanks Mitch for the great contest!

  176. OMG Poster Frame!!!!
    Awesome :)

  177. i’m in!

  178. Thanks. Would LOVE to win one.

  179. Uh…that’s a lot of comments.

  180. Good bloke

  181. Cool, man. Cool.

  182. Mahalo!

  183. i am a big fan of free stuff

  184. These frames look awesome.. Thanks for the link!

  185. I like this site nearly as much as free stuff, actually.

  186. word

  187. I think I need one of those. Thanks for the contest!

  188. cool love contests

  189. sahhhhhwweeeet….gotta love a site that can deter me from the day job…especially when they give free stuff away

  190. ReFRAME me

  191. Thanks for the give away.

    here’s something to listen to while your figuring out how to pick the winner.

    just try not to bob your head

  192. These look so slick! A work of art in itself. Free stufff is awesome!

  193. I believe this is the most comments I’ve ever seen for one post, hahaha.

  194. I’m the winner!

  195. I appreciate the chance to win. Reframes are a great idea. Thanks!

  196. Yay! Or maybe not.

  197. winner


  199. those look rad. always need more frames

  200. I would enjoy winning this.

  201. I’m In.

  202. WOW my comment was not posted.
    I guess you have to love the frame to get posted.
    My first and only post said that these are not so great for any prints you like or love. WHY you ask?
    1. I like UV glass it keeps the print protected from fading.
    2. Glass protects from things like beer spray.
    3. The design of a conventional frame prevents edge damage.

    I wonder if I hang my original run “Obama Hope” in this, which we all know has a very high value these days, how the company would respond if I claimed damage from the hanger. I feel my prints are good and safe in a frame with glass or plexi.
    Yes the investment sucks, but losing a valuable print suck way more.

    hey post my comment this time
    or are you chicken…
    AND I love OMG too.

  203. lalalala – i love omgposters and now i am too broke to
    buy frames! (true). :)(:

  204. 195 !
    Its grown !

  205. nice! and thanks!

  206. to frame….to custom frame……so tricky to decide, now its easy to change and keep the portfolio updated!

    Excellent idea

  207. Awesome idea! Thanks so much! I know a perfect poster for this frame to go in the classroom…..fingers crossed:)

  208. Looks pretty sweet! Thanks for the contest.

  209. Wow! Almost to 200.

  210. woot

  211. saw this on posterditrict last week, cool frames!

  212. Pretty rad stuff.

  213. Very cool, wish I thought of that.

  214. Sweet, thanks for the offer.

  215. Good lookin’ sir!

  216. I have a few collectors posters I would love to frame, this would be wonderful!

  217. These frames are awesome.

  218. A RE-Damage. Cool lookin frames to put some less expensive stuff in I guess. I wouldnt put any really epxensive prints in one of these anyway.

    Cool and quick way to change some stuff out and give your place a fresh feel. Kinda like changin the curtains.

  219. thanks for offering something to the lot-of-us!

  220. I’m with TRV.

  221. im down

  222. thanks mitch for this cool contest

  223. what free worry?

  224. Cool stuff mitch

  225. sounds good. hope i win!

  226. duhduh huh uh huh

  227. Love the site and what a great contest!

  228. FREE?!

  229. OMG Contest!

  230. I have not heard of the company, but am excited to hear about the product!

  231. Thanks for feeding my poster habit.

  232. WOW! Those are pretty cool~!

  233. sweeeet. count me in.

  234. Damn, Mitch … quite the following … guess it takes free stuff or an art controversy to drive *everyone* out!

    Thanks for the contest!

  235. Fantastic idea. I’m in. *crosses fingers*

  236. i like to typing for frame!!!

  237. I love what you guys do here, keep up the good work.

  238. I am addicted to frames

  239. thanks for the contest, really somehting usefull. been looking for a temp hanging system for awhile now.

  240. woo-hoo!! i love frames almost as much as i love posters… especially winning one! boo-ya!

  241. frame this!

  242. These look great. thanks for letting me know about them. i currently have around 15 posters that are waiting to be framed. so I might pick up some of these.

  243. Send that thing my way. Please and Thank You!

  244. In it to win it!

  245. Love this site. And I love winning even more.

    I also love pizza.

  246. I gotta get in on this.

  247. This would look excellent in our new home!

  248. wow! these look great. would definitely solve some problems around my apartment

  249. I would very much like to win, kind poster dealer.

    Thank you kind sir/madam.

  250. nice frame! thanks for the contest mitch!

  251. Wow! Thank you! Not only a great blog, but it also has great contests!

  252. damn mitch, thats WAY to early to be getting up on a saturday.

  253. rad…..I would happily hang one of these in my home.

  254. Looks awesome! I want one!

  255. Count me in!

  256. a contest, hooray!

  257. Ça à l’air chouette !

  258. Thats sweet. Thanks for the heads up as usual.

  259. These look sharp; thanks for the link and the contest.

  260. I want to be framed, Just how the pigs frame us minorities

  261. I could use that!

  262. worth a shot.

  263. These look great. It would be so easy to change the posters on your wall and appreciate them instead of having them sitting in a flat file.

  264. Cool concept for framing.

  265. My design firm has been looking for some good frames for our posters. Thanks for the heads up – will check out their website.

  266. Looks cool, would love to try one!

  267. please pick me. ive got a ton of posters i’d like to from, but im student teaching and poor beyond belief. if i don’t win, this site still rules.

  268. please enter me in the contest. thanks!

  269. I could really use these!

  270. thanks for making a blog all about art that I can afford….

  271. Enter me and love to check it out…

  272. Thanks for the contest!

  273. 260th!!

    Just had a look at the design and believe it’s a bit flawed. Would love to prove myself wrong though.


  274. i want some wood foo!

  275. didn’t know about reframe, definitely something to think about now. thx.

  276. Nice job, Mitch … thanks for keeping it fresh!

  277. Congrats CJ.

    I knew I wouldnt win.

  278. congrats cj!!!

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