Aaron Horkey’s Dead Man Poster (Onsale Info)

Looks like we now have all of the official information regarding the release of Aaron Horkey’s Dead Man poster.  First, the specs:  This is a 7″ x 16.5″ giclee with letterpress accents, has an edition of 175 (less than that will be online), and will be $145.  No expenses were spared on this one, the crew at Dead Arts Publishing enlisted a team of printers that are simply unmatched.  It’s on 505gsm cotton rag paper, and will not disappoint.  This goes up Monday, September 14th at 2pm PST.  Visit DeadArtsPublishing.com.

Please note the first image below is an early comp, the letterpress accents are now transparent dark gray.  The new color provides a much more seamless blend between the two elements (as you can see in the second shot).

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  1. aI’ve seen several comments referring to wanting this print to be bigger. The fact that it uses letterpress is probably a big reason for keeping the size where it is.

  2. I dont think people realize how expensive these two printing processes in combination are.
    Doubling the size of the print, and still doing giclee and letterpress would make it insanely expensive. You don’t see very large letterpressed pieces for a reason.
    And anyway i’d much rather pay a bit more directly to the artist, regardless of what it is, then have it sell out super quick only to see them continuously being sold for a profit by others.

    And honestly $145 really isn’t that much when you think about a limited, beautiful piece of artwork. We have just been spoiled by how cheap he has sold his artwork. Look at some giclees put out recently, small sized prints sell for $100+ all day long.
    If you want it, try and get it. If not, move along.

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  4. This is ridiculous, although I’m not really feeling the ornaments on the outskirts of the poster. I love Horkey’s work but I’m not sure why he likes to make parts of the type readable and parts completely obscure. I could understand it not being readable at all, but when some letters are perfectly readable, and others are crazy ornate, it seems weird. I dunno, I’m not complaining this piece is rad. If I had the money, I’d buy one!

  5. If I didn’t know beforehand that the poster was for a movie called Dead Man, there’s no way i would’ve figured it out.

    Does that center graphic spell out: Dinn Moi??
    Is this some artsy French movie?

  6. Muscoso’s rules of poster of making applied

  7. Some good points being made about legibility and how some of his characters (usually whichever letters are capitals or touch the outside illustrations) are discernible and others are not. It’s a bit frustrating because you can’t read what this is advertising. A lot of the purchasers will be people who have been fans of Horkey for some time now, so they may already know what this poster is for.

  8. palehighway’s comment on moscoso is spot on … the fact you cannot easily read it makes it effective.

    Only difference, I doubt any of these will be on the telephone poles of Austin, TX (ha!)

  9. “Will it kill you to make the print a little bigger? Geez.”

    There are size restrictions to 90% of the letterpress presses in the states, a 16″ tall print is on the large end. You need to do some learning on this subject matter before shooting your mouth off.

  10. I feel very lucky to have been able to grab one before they were gone (which seemed like seconds)…love the movie, love the artist – perfect match!

  11. +1 hope I don’t get a refund

  12. 3 minutes after opening i was too late… crazyyy..

  13. Thanks for the info hankP. How about a little less of the elitist A-hole attitude next time.

  14. i think it’s well within the world of proper manners to ask someone to first alleviate their ignorance before making an uneducated remark

  15. I was so excited to see this poster be released, and so disappointed to see how quickly it sold out.

  16. This would have been his best print for sure if he was able to print it a bit larger. the largest letterpress print I have ever seen is Daniel Dangers “I am a rabbit out of room”.

    I’m excited to see this one in person. When someone gets theirs, would u please post some links to some pics? thanks.

  17. The best part about this – if I were to have tried to get it – would be that it would commemorate an event which I did not attend!

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