“Undercover Bear Companion” by KAWS (Onsale Info)

Like all KAWS releases, this one should be pretty hectic.  His newest figure, “Undercover Bear Companion” (a collaboration with Jun Takahashi), will drop today (Friday, September 11th) at 12pm EST.  They will also release the FOUR FOOT Grey Companion.  If you’ve got some scratch to spare, visit KawsOne.com.

8 Responses to ““Undercover Bear Companion” by KAWS (Onsale Info)”

  1. Do you mean Friday September 11th?

  2. Just tried doing a dry run on Kawsone.com. Tried to purchase the keychain set, but every time I enter my zip code and country and hit checkout I can’t advance to the confirmation page and the system tells me that I need to enter zip code and country even though I already have. WTF????!?!

  3. These bears are way overpriced. Should be half the price they are asking.

  4. i cant believe the 4 footers went so quick!

    Some people have some serious scratch!

    I would love to have one of those sitting in my house.

  5. went to buy but i can’t do it. little much to much $$$.

  6. Whatever the market will bear, my friend, whatever the market will bear…

  7. yeah, I’m too broke to buy the bear….. not crazy about it ether..

  8. 4ft. is a nice investment opportunity

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