Two Epic New Ween Posters by GIGART

Gregg Gordon (aka GIGART) has just released what have to be two of my favorite Ween posters ever.  They are both 16.75″ x 22″ screenprints, have editions of 200, and are $40 each (or $70 for the whole set).  Buy both, hang them together, freak people out.  Visit

4 Responses to “Two Epic New Ween Posters by GIGART”

  1. there are so many of gregs posters i want to get. It so hard to decide. The ween poster, the high of fire, and the hank williams all look phenominal in person!

  2. This is sick! (as in awesome)

  3. ooh, these are exciting!

  4. Got mine @ the show in Anaheim last Wed. :p It is stunning in person.

    Don’t have it framed yet but will upload pics when I do.

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