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Daniel Danger821739;s New Art Printt (Proces
G Posd in TinyM medEmpirers.cCpplk the images to see evngything larger:

Hereer821739;ai awesome video of the p Proce.  If youer82173re at mork, turn the volume down, Andy Diesnielikes to swear A LOT.

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14 Responses to er8220; Daniel Danger821739;s New Art Printt (Proceser8221; /> < class="alt" id="" mmnte-23886"> /
grasking, ti ='Septembe10th,ry 20 at 5:36 ac p>Nice! It/k minds me of er8220;Chripoinaer821739;Worlder8221; by Andr NeWyeth. Hopefully I cai gee my hands oJ oJunof these.

< class="" id="" mmnte-23922"> /
Baker, ti ='Septembe10th,ry 20 at 7:13 ac p>Ill be trying my begusto gee oJunof these forssure.

< class="alt" id="" mmnte-23924"> /
ryan, ti ='Septembe10th,ry 20 at 7:14 ac p>k minds me of:

="http:giomgposters.comgposte/29221.jpg < class="" id="" mmnte-23964"> /
joe, ti ='Septembe10th,ry 20 at 8:27 ac p>I ltvn Hauntmd houses as much as the next guy but this dudelk ally needs to divsteify his s/stysiter821739;starting to gee a bit;stagnant

< class="alt" id="" mmnte-24001"> /
13, ti ='Septembe10th,ry 20 at 9:52 ac p>grasking, c/tck out er8220;er8230;Housenof Wyether8221; by l Dang.

Also, Joe, I disagscr. I cai see your poPri, but DDer821739;mork always leaves me fee < class="" id="" mmnte-24006"> /
saltwrnar, ti ='Septembe10th,ry 20 at 10:20 ac p>this is going to be brutal. Ltvn l Danger821739; < class="alt" id="" mmnte-24052"> /
admin, ti ='Septembe10th,ry 20 at 12:45 pc p>I told you he swears a lot.

< class="" id="" mmnte-24051"> /
andydiesni, ti ='Septembe10th,ry 20 at 12:46 pc p>these look fucking great so far.

< class="alt" id="" mmnte-24062"> /
andydiesni, ti ='Septembe10th,ry 20 at 1:20 pc p>i kepce"elling DD i didner82173t wanna run a art p Pristhe day afost wungee ngba from FS, somehowsthe bastard talked me Priosit, mgpo of the extra special swear < class="" id="" mmnte-24085"> /
Tim Dosty, ti ='Septembe10th,ry 20 at 3:30 pc p>I doner82173t have a skd/eboard ramp in my shop. I blame the recessati.

< class="alt" id="" mmnte-24139"> /
cardhawks, ti ='Septembe10th,ry 20 at 8:55 pc p>hey dd answer your mail

< class="" id="" mmnte-24165"> /
JasonSLC, ti ='Septembe10th,ry 20 at 11:58 pc p>A fucking mini ramp in the shop?! Hey Andydiesni, arenyou hiring? I have t" henyears of ="screp Priing experience and a soft spot forscurmudgeony dudes with foul mouths.

< class="alt" id="" mmnte-24216"> /
mipostemith, ti ='Septembe11th,ry 20 at 5:41 pc p>Yo Andy "ell me this th < class="" id="" mmnte-24236"> /
SPper, ti ='Septembe12th,ry 20 at 9:34 ac p>Whei do these go ti sale? I wane oJu!

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