“Red Flying Greasebat” Mini Mixed Media Canvas Print by Jeff Lamm

If you don’t know by now, Jeff Lamm’s mini canvas prints go fast, so be sure not to sleep on this one.  “Red Flying Greasebat”, a spinoff of his last print, is a 4″ x 4″ gocco print with hand-painted details, making each one totally unique.   It has an edition of 30 and a small price of only $23 shipped.  Visit the Gigposters.com Classifieds.

4 Responses to ““Red Flying Greasebat” Mini Mixed Media Canvas Print by Jeff Lamm”

  1. Got it this time around, Thanks Jeff!

  2. NICE!
    One of the best from the greasebat’s

  3. this will be my 3rd one…could be my favorite so far…will have to wait to see in person before i can tell. i like how jeff uses the stencil for the wrapping paper and the outside of the box….the only problem is now i dont want to throw away the box and i have more empty boxes!!!

  4. Huge thanks everybody, sold out. All will be shipped over the weekend. Proceeds are funding a toy of Greasebat, should be available late this year. Seriously, thank you all for the purchases and support, especially OMGposters!

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