“Rest is Up to You: A Boy Named Cohen Morano, 118 Artists, and a Watercolor Revolution”

Aye Jay Morano and his son Cohen have put together a stunning new book chronicling their “Cohen’s Art” project.  If you’re not familiar, Aye Jay sent Cohen’s watercolor paintings to over one hundred famous artists who then incorporated their own work into the pieces.  The result is a sprawling collection of collaborations between Cohen Morano and 118 of today’s biggest artists (Kaws, James Jean, Mark Ryden, Shepard Fairey, etc, etc).  It also doesn’t hurt that Aye Jay is one of the nicest guys ever, he is well deserving of the support.  Grab the book, it’s only $18 at Amazon.com.

5 Responses to ““Rest is Up to You: A Boy Named Cohen Morano, 118 Artists, and a Watercolor Revolution””

  1. “A must have book” – Time magazine
    “This will change art for ever” – Los Angeles Times
    “Cohens popularity is not hard to understand” – Guggenheim
    “I couldn’t put it down” – Edgar

  2. great idea!!! how does someone know so many artists and get them to do this? he must be a nice guy!

    i cant wait to see the rest of what the artists added.

  3. mike picked up a copy while in SF this weekend. totally great book with some insane artists involved. im almost embarrassed to be included in it. but so so flattered. holy crap! i’m a preface!!!! WTF?!?!
    buy this book. aye jay and cohen are radical people of the highest caliber.

  4. yr so much more than a preface, bennie!

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