The Harem Series by Jonathan Viner

If you’re a Jonathan Viner fan (which you should be), you’re about to have a whole lot less wall space.  He has just released the remaining seven art prints in his “Harem Series”, and they are all looking beautiful.  Each print is a 12″ x 12″ giclee with a tiny edition of 20 and a price of $90.  I stand by my claim that Viner has the best looking giclees I’ve ever seen.  As usual, they are triple hand-coated with clear varnish.  Also as usual, some of the images on the site are NSFW, so there’s your warning (they’re just paintings, should be fine).  Visit

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  1. I grabbed Katenka when Viner released the first two prints of the Harem series, and like Mitch says, its the best giclee I’ve ever seen. Looks like a painting. I wish I had the cash to buy the remaining eight!!!

  2. God damn Irina is nice. With postage it comes out around £75 though. Too high for me at the moment.

  3. i want i want i want.

  4. Each one of these are incredible. Going to be tough figuring out which one to buy.

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