Cougar Den “Keepondrifter” LP with Aaron Horkey Artwork (Pictures!)

Init Records just let me know that the Cougar Den LP’s are officially in stock and ready to ship.  The screenprinted covers by Burlesque Design look amazing!  If you’ve already preordered this, it will ship by the end of the week.  If you haven’t, I highly suggest you do, as I can’t think of a better way to spend a measly $12 (that”s about 1/5 what a Horkey print usually costs).  It is limited to 500 copies, and the stock looks to be getting quite low.  Pick up a copy at the Init Records Shop.

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  1. Superb, got it plus a 7″ picture vinyl by D.Danger
    Thanks for the link

  2. looks great! thanks for the pics!

  3. Totally forgot I pre ordered this when the news first when up. Thanks for the update!

  4. wow. i can’t believe i forgot i pre-ordered this. shipping this week?? woo hoo!!
    like the man said. a horkey for $12! how can you go wrong?

  5. I as well, totally forgot I ordered this.

  6. this should fit an a standard album frame, right?

  7. freakin sweet! shipping this week!!!

  8. I forgot too!

  9. I wonder how many of these LP’s will actually be listened to?

  10. ATTENTION: Due to the overwhelming response to this item, as well as Init being a one-person DIY operation, this item is temporarily unavailable. It is NOT sold out (but coming close), I just need to catch up on all of the mailorders for this that have come in the past few days, in addition to being out of town for the next several days. This item will be available again on Tuesday, August 25th. Sorry for any inconvenience, but this will ensure than all ord

  11. Good lookin on the update. I like it when labels are honest and have good communication!

  12. Got mine today. Looks great.

  13. item is up again in the webstore, all orders are caught up and i will be back in town tonight, so feel free to get those orders in if you have been waiting!

  14. I preordered this and got it today. It is seriously one of the more beautiful records I own. Love it.

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