“FlipFlop” Art Print by Jesse Hernandez (Onsale Info)

Jesse Hernandez, best known for his work in the toy world, has a new art print coming out.  “FlipFlip” (named for it’s ability to be displayed both normally and flipped) is a 16″ x 20″ giclee with an edition of 33.  It drops today (Monday, August 17th) at 11am PDT.  Visit SilentStageGallery.com.

Note: The watermark will not appear on the actual print.

Via Vinyl Pulse.

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  1. What an astoundingly fabulous print! However, thanx to OMG Posters, I have already spent my next 3 years allowance for art – and it’s only August! My partner wonders if he can block this blog from me seeing it for, like, ever.


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