Aaron Horkey’s Andrew Bird Poster (Orange Version Onsale Info)

Ok, finally folks, we have some release info for Aaron Horkey’s Andrew Bird poster.  The rare orange version is a 15″ x 35″ signed/numbered screenprint, has an edition of 100 (though only 80 will be released), and will be $60.  These go up tomorrow (Friday, August 14th) at 12pm CST.  Only available at Postersandtoys.com.

Note that the final printed version is much more subdued and beautiful than the jpg.  I’ll try to get you a photograph before noon tomorrow.

16 Responses to “Aaron Horkey’s Andrew Bird Poster (Orange Version Onsale Info)”

  1. are these signed and numbered or just numbered?

    Also, by “rare orange version” does that mean the BoNA version is going to have a run considerably larger than 100?

  2. Signed/Numbered. Yes, the Bona version will have the usual run of 225-250 or so.

  3. I need this.

  4. Hope I can get one, these should go fast!

  5. This is gangster. I think it would look good next to that new Florian print.

  6. well im actually in a gang, so……it’s cool mr omg got a horkey joint goin bro, congrats!

  7. is the bona edition going to be the green colorway or something entirely different?

  8. Will there be a version on wood or metal?

  9. Diarrhea edition?

  10. 2 editions? I thought Horkey did at least 7 or 8?

  11. is this going up at 12 or 12:30 there seems to be a discrepancy b/t OMG and P&T?

  12. It JUST changed to 12:30.

  13. Damn!!!! BoNA subholders (like me!) don’t get this one, and I have a weekly meeting every Friday at 10 am PT…I could have been 5 minutes late, but not thirty. Guess I gotta grab it on eBay in a month…oh well. But, damn!

  14. Where’s our photograph Mitch? 😉

  15. Ah I know, couldn’t get it. Just trust me.

  16. You’ve been trusted. Can’t wait to see this in person.

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