The Silent Giants’ Fleet Foxes Posters

Here’s a reward for waking up early today.  The Silent Giants just put a TINY amount of their two new Fleet Foxes posters up for sale (I’m talking less than 10 of each).  They are both 19″ x 25″ screenprints, have editions of 80, and are $30 each.  As usual, these were printed by hand in-house.  Both posters sold out at the shows, so these are they only copies the guys will be selling online.  Visit the Silent Giants Store.

10 Responses to “The Silent Giants’ Fleet Foxes Posters”

  1. sheesh. these rule. double sheesh!

  2. these are going fast, the detroit one appears to be gone, and not many chicago ones are left.

    thanks for the support.

  3. Couldn’t pass on the Detroit; thanks for the heads up Mitch!

  4. Are the Chicago ones that same date BRLSQ did? Nice work fellas.

  5. Yep. The Metro commissioned one, the band commissioned the other.

  6. They are both great !

  7. Silent Giants = Silent Assassins

  8. Love the fleet Foxs poster and sold out – That’s a killer

  9. Aghhhh so good

  10. Are these Silent giants’ original drawings? or are they reedited from old books? I only ever see print process from these guys on this particular style. dont get me wrong the prints look good, but , does anyone know if these guys are the FULL package? I need to know if there’s anyone out there who is still a real artist!!

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