Bicycle Art Prints at Poster Cabaret

I guess it must be bike season!  Poster Cabaret has commissioned a bunch of really awesome bike-related art prints.  They include new works by Jay Ryan, Diana Sudyka, Eleanor Grosch, Invisible Creature, and Cricket Press.  They are all screenprints with editions of 150-160 for $30 each (or you can buy all 5 for $100).  Visit

3 Responses to “Bicycle Art Prints at Poster Cabaret”

  1. Love that Jay Ryan print. Animal + bike + fire = great

  2. Seconded on that Jay Ryan print. Just bought it. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Got that sucker last night. Ohhhh yessss. Any Jay Ryan is a good Jay Ryan and this is a great one. Oh yes.

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