Sonic Youth Concert Posters Available Online

Sonic Youth have added a bunch of the posters from their current tour to their online store.  They are all limited edition screenprints for only $20 each!  Designs by Spike Press, Zeloot, Dennis Tyfus, and more are available, so snatch them up on the cheap, you will not see them this low again (these are show prices!).  Visit the Sonic Youth Shop.

4 Responses to “Sonic Youth Concert Posters Available Online”

  1. $16 Zeloot = awesome
    $11 shipping = bullshit
    me passing on a Zeloot because of lack of shipping options = priceless

  2. Add up to 4 more posters and the shipping stays the same.

  3. Dude, I’m broke.


  4. These are so beautiful it makes my head spin.
    The boots in particular. Wow!!

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