Screens ‘N’ Spokes 2009

If you’re in the Philadelphia area, you’d better get your butt over to the Screens ‘N’ Spokes opening tonight.  It will feature new bike-inspired prints for sale by Jay Ryan, Mike Budai, Mat Daly, Leia Bell, Marq Spusta, and more.  As always, proceeds will go to benefit the National MS Society.  The show opens tonight (Thursday, August 6th) at 7pm.  It takes place at Mugshots Coffeehouse on Fairmount.  Get more info and see all the prints at Screens ‘N’ Spokes.

4 Responses to “Screens ‘N’ Spokes 2009”

  1. Love the Mat Daly Print, and at $30 I can finally afford one of his art prints.

  2. Yep, the Daly print is incredible. Love Jay’s as well.

  3. Am I the only one who doesnt really dig on anything Jay Ryan? I just cant get into his work one bit. Anyway, I wish I could go to this show!

  4. Yes, you are.

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