Mike Panic’s Prints on Canvas are a Great Deal

These initial prints by Mike Panic of his photography are awesome, plus they are a complete steal.  Each one is a 4″ x 4″ print on gallery stretched canvas with an edition of only TWO.  They are ready to hang, and only $25 each.  Visit MikePanic.com.

4 Responses to “Mike Panic’s Prints on Canvas are a Great Deal”

  1. Too cool to pass on 🙂

  2. Love the Telephone.

  3. A big THANK YOU for posting here, I know not a lot of photography stuff comes up, but I’ve loved this site since it was launched and want to thank everyone for the kind words they’ve dropped my way and interest in my work. This initial batch has sold faster than I could have ever expected, and to more places around the globe then I could have imagined.

    On that note, 5 of the 6 prints are SOLD OUT and only one copy of “Wish” is left!

    Again, thank you to this site, the community here and everyone for their positive feedback and kind words. I’ll be releasing some more very short run, affordable pieces in the future.

  4. […] the first ones sold out so quick, Mike Panic went larger and even more limited with his new photograph prints.  […]

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