Tom Waits Art Print by Print Mafia

Well, this one should do pretty well, since like ZERO Tom Waits prints exist.  This newest one from Print Mafia is a 17.5″ x 23″ screenprint, has an edition of 80, and is $40.  It’s not approved in the GP Classifieds yet, but you can grab one directly at

12 Responses to “Tom Waits Art Print by Print Mafia”

  1. This is about the first print i have bought i years. Really awesome stuff from PM as is usual.

  2. One for me and a couple for my buddies. Tom Waits is one of the greatest entertainers alive! Thanks for the heads up Mitch!

  3. Same as Drew … rarely do I buy a print anymore, but this one was deserving of a double. Bought two – one for a gift, and one for the house.

  4. Wow. This is a must own. Great job, Connie!

  5. Had to grab this right away. Rarely do I find the killer combo of awesome print art and a musician/band I actually like.

  6. Awesome print!!

  7. yup. i had to get one myself.
    i deserve a drink.

  8. Tom Waits prints may be rare, but when they happen theyre fantastic (ie – Kevin Tong’s print)
    Pity there was nothing for his Glitter and Doom tour last year…

  9. Had to get one. A must have for everyones collection! Amazing print…

  10. Don’t forget about this one:

  11. Holy crap! I checked today to see if they had any left and the price has jumped from $40 to $150! I’m happy I got mine early!

  12. Yes! This is my favorite poster I own. I have the artist proof of this and a few more from PM.

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