“Power Up Windmill” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Offset Version)

I’ll be brief…right now Obey Giant has an offset version of Shepard Fairey’s “Power Up Windmill” print for sale.  There are two versions:  a signed and numbered edition of 500 on heavy stock for $40, and an open-edition on thin stock for $20.  Both are 24″ x 36″.  Visit ObeyGiant.com.

30 Responses to ““Power Up Windmill” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Offset Version)”

  1. …except that donkeur was probably smart enough to pick up on my obvious sarcasm. I like this website.

  2. 3D’s personal site will be a killer for sure.
    Can’t wait.
    Call it “positive vibes” or something suitable.

  3. 3D: “I’m disappointed with the Admin.”
    This is an “attack” on the website and it’s owner? This warrants name calling and a pissing match? Haha.

    EricN: “…except that donkeur was probably smart enough to pick up on my obvious sarcasm. I like this website.”
    And what of my sarcasm?

    This pissing match saddens me… Let’s hug it out donkeur. Cmon man don’t leave me hanging here. Come on, you know you want to. 🙂

  4. 3d – I said my piece.

    And the last thing I have time for is to get into an online pissing match or have a battle of wits.

    Can we just put this behind us, and be friends?

    LOL…… Save it… No one cares. I doubt I will even check the comment section for this print again.


  5. 3D: this is like a news site, does that make sense to you? Almost anything poster related is going to get posted. Good bad ugly great regardless. Your disappointment with the admin is ridiculous he simply giving you updates with new information in the poster world which is something you take intrest in.

  6. …wait, what about Prince?

  7. […] We could use a little cultural currency around this. Shepard Fairey did an awesome windmill that MoveOn is pushing, but September means college and high school kids back on campus and looking for some way to get […]

  8. This is Mitch’s site. He can post what he pleases. May sound simple cause it is… not liking a print is one thing but trying to call out Mitch for posting info ’bout it is ridiculous. And like it or not Shepard is popular, his work sells, and his name draws attention. Good or bad, his work is worth mentioning.

  9. Peter Griffin,
    Along those lines… comments in the comments section, good or bad, is also worth mentioning. Comment sections are to get feedback from visitors. If every comment was a, “Looks hot!”, “I’m gettin it!”, “How much?!” What good would that be?

    I was being civil. If you look at my original posting. How some people could construe that as an “attack” on Mitch and his site is beyond me. But there are some people here (and everywhere I suppose) who are a bit melodramatic. Maybe more so online.

  10. The issue is that the comment was directed at the admin and not the piece. Mitch didn’t create the work, he’s just letting us that it is out there.

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