Florian Bertmer’s “Hagakure 2” Art Print (Onsale Info)

After what seems like forever, a release date has finally been announced for Florian Bertmer’s “Hagakure 2″ art print.  It’s a 22.5″ x 33.5” screenprint (same size as the first one), has an edition of 100 (I think), and is $55.  Considering how big of a hit the first Hagakure print was, this should be a hot item.  Visit ShirtsandDestroy.com.

EDIT:  Bumped this one to the top, since these are now up.

22 Responses to “Florian Bertmer’s “Hagakure 2” Art Print (Onsale Info)”

  1. i’ll be waiting for this one

  2. frikkin finally!

  3. i hope this one doesn’t sell out as fast as the first.had to buy the first one from ebay which sucked

  4. I’d love to see a colab between Bertmer and Horkey; hell yeah!

    What the heck ever happened to the Horkey pressure prints???

  5. that’d be dope!

  6. yeah i wouldnt argue. gah im forced to buy everything bertmer releases these days, its not really optional. same with bannon but they never announce shit anymore. i guess i should be thankful…………..ps 9AM PST is early. gotta set my alarm and shit

  7. they never announce their stuff?aren’t we looking at it right now?

  8. this is good news.about time

  9. How fast exactly did the first prints sell? minutes, hours, days, ???

  10. first one sold in a day i think..

  11. there are less than 30 of these left. get this fast!

  12. Just ordered mine!!! Sweet blasphemy!

  13. nick dude, how would you know how many are left? do you have the secret information??????!!!!!

  14. There are 12 left at the moment. Grez? is that you or is there some other Grez out there that I don’t know about?

  15. as of an hour ago there were 12 left. shirtsNdestroy on twitter

  16. dang it! guess i’ll buy one then.

  17. mother fucker that was fast. I cant believe I missed it. Im such a tool.

  18. goddamn i missed it,geez that one sold out faster than the first howling wolf.fuck……..

  19. I actually checked this site on my lunch break yesterday, like I always do and nothing was even posted. The only thing I saw up was the Alamo Draft House post that was up from the day before. When I got home that night this post was up and it seemed like it was up all day long, but somehow I missed it.

    Was there a glitch on the site yesterday?

  20. No posts were made yesterday except the flatstock one and this was bumped up. This post was made July 3rd and bumped as a reminder. All comments are from the entire 2 weeks it has been left up.

  21. Ahhhh, I didnt notice that. Thanks Nick.

    But what time did these prints go up for sale? I checked noon Eastern time.

  22. If you want to buy the hagakure II artist proof hit me up.

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