Another Flatstock Weekend

Once again, since a lot the poster artists are taking the weekend off for Chicago’s Flatstock event, I will be doing the same.  The blog should be back in full force again by Monday or Tuesday.  Cheers!

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  1. Oh snap!

  2. I have a booth there, next the Daniel Danger, Silent Giants, and Spike Press. Dreams do come true people and I hope I can see some of you there.

  3. enjoy your self!

  4. Take lots of pics and this time DON’T SCREW IT UP 😉
    Everyone deserves a day off once in a while. Enjoy.

  5. Mitch, enjoy your weekend off! Thanks as always for everything you do. Kevin, have a blast in Chicago, sounds like you will!

  6. Have fun…. darn 🙁

  7. Awesome day in the windy city, and no rain…MINT!

  8. Man I wish I’d been there. Flatstock and an awesome musical line up. I’m saving my pennies for Austin

  9. i hope you post some pictuers. it seems like people use to rush back to post pictures from flatstocks and now they go by and little to no pictures show up.

  10. Does anyone else who has been in previous years feel like this year was the smallest Pitchfork Flatstock yet? Any word from artists who attended before who decided not to go this year? I’d be interested to know what the reasons were.

  11. How do you find out dates for Flatstock? I visited API and it didn’t mention anything about Chicago. Would love to have gone, I’m just a little southeast in Cincinnati. Hope you had a blast.

  12. Man, Flatstock was alot of fun!!! My GF and I had a blast. It was really cool to meet all the artists!!!

    Thanks to Chicago for being so friendly. Its gotta be one of the friendliest cities I have been to.

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