New Movie Posters from The Alamo Drafthouse (Tyler Stout, Daniel Danger, and Alex Pardee!)

The Alamo Drafthouse has commissioned a number of stunning new movie posters.  First up, Tyler Stout’s Total Recall poster is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint with metallic inks for $30.  There is also a very limited variant for $75.  If you don’t know by now, Stout’s movie posters go fast, so don’t sleep.  Secondly, Daniel Danger’s poster for The Royal Tenenbaums is a 12″ x 24″ screenprint for $25.  Lastly, Alex Pardee’s Re-Animator poster is a 24″ x 36″ seven color screenprint for $30.  Visit

EDIT:  As you can probably tell, the site is experiencing some issues.  The Mondo folks said that they will be taking phone orders until it’s fixed.  Call them at (512) 476-1739.

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  1. All three kill it! Had to go with the Danger and Pardee though. Reanimator is one of the finest pieces of cinema ever created.

  2. i like Danger’s piece, but since i’ve never seen the movie i can’t really relate to it. i’ve seen Total Recall a few times so that’s the print i purchased. i wonder how many of this they made, and was the variant ever posted online?

  3. i scored Tyler’s regualr edition

  4. Picked up the Danger Tenenbaum’s posters. Great image from the movie to use. I love it…Tyler’s are great, as well.

  5. That Daniel Danger piece is pretty sweet!

  6. I would have bought Total Recall if Arnold wasn’t our governor. =(

  7. love them, had to snag a tyler regular edition to add to my collection.

  8. Stout comes with the goods once again!

  9. looks like they crashed mono’s site

  10. something wrong with their site, or does it just go SUPER SLOW all the time?

  11. WORST SITE (BESIDES OBEY) that i have ever tried to negotiate.. tried to get my posters 3x, and it still give me an error message, and only the limited variant is sold out.. so WTF..


    I am not gonna try and buy anything from you anymore…

  12. Ha, chill out, its the first time this has ever happened. I’m sure they’ll fix it.

  13. Don’t blame the website, blame Aint It Cool News who posted a story about these posters this morning which I am sure is why Mondotees blew up.

  14. yeah, jesus….go buy yourself some tissues instead.

  15. Yo- Mr. M.

    Do you know the total run of the Stouts? actually any of them?

  16. you can bitch at me bitchin, but i just checked and the site is still not working… btw, i dont really care that much..

  17. the AICN mention bombed the site. it happens.

  18. AICN?

  19. I know the Pardee is an edition of 100.

    Ain’t It Cool News

  21. I’d wait for the posters to go up on Tylers site. The posters sold on Mondotees are neither signed or numbered.

  22. DD wow!

  23. still down!

  24. good, im glad i didnt get one then. Im just gonna wait for the signed/numbered edition..

  25. Where did that hearsay come from? Mondo never sells prints that aren’t at least numbered.

  26. mondo’s site does say numbered.

  27. yeah they bout numbered, but the site is still flakin out crazy like

  28. It looks like the site is back up and running ok!

  29. Back up and running.

  30. I’ve been buying Stout prints from Mondos since 2007 and every print is signed.

    They are signed, but not numbered. Mondos gets the prints directly from the printer and sells them before Tyler can sign them.

    Mondos, why dont you ever list the print runs for Tylers prints? I dont get it. Please explain. I have emailed them and asked 3-4 times in the past 2 years and that question is avoided every time. Pick a number and stick with it. Dont see how the sell to determine the run. The fact hat you dont list the print runs leads to lots of bad speculation about you guys. Come one Tim!!! Please list the prnt runs!!

  31. im not sure how many Total Recall poster were made, but when i ordered it in the morning there was a total 174 available.


  33. I’ve also been buying prints from mondo for a good while now, never had any problems with them. Often they have put extras in my tube if i’ve ordered a few at once. Never had a damaged tube from them,postage is resonable for me to the uk. They have always been quick to respond to questions etc. In my opinion they are doing a great job, making available great art from great artists for a good price.The Tyler prints are numbered but not signed, but at least you are usually gauranteed one if you are within 24hrs of them going up. Just thought i’d pitch in with my experience as i was feeling a little negativity towards them which is think isnt justified.

  34. I stand corrected they are indeed numbered but not signed. Please don’t get me wrong I’m not being critical of Mondo, I live in the UK too and have used them without any problems in the past. Their service is superb.

    I’m just saying that Tyler will have these on his site soon.. would you really choose an unsigned over a signed print?

  35. “Come one Tim!!! Please list the prnt runs!!”

    I haven’t worked for Mondo since January, when I left to run Nakatomi!

    -Tim Doyle

  36. Hey everyone!

    Thanks for the crazy amount of support yesterday. Sorry for the website being down and for it being so slow at times. We really got slammed with visitors. Thanks for being patient!

    I wanted to address the print run questions people have been asking about. The TOTAL RECALL regular edition we had 250 to sell, ROYAL TENENBAUMS we had 150 to sell and the RE-ANIMATOR print we had 100 to sell. I know that D. Danger and Tyler will have some for sale on their sites in the future, too.

    Thanks again!


  37. There’s mass murder going on with those pieces. These kill.

  38. I heart mondo

  39. I’m not a Wes Anderson fan, but that poster is gorgeous. T Stout doesn’t disappoint either.

  40. What’s the Variant size on the Total Recall? Am I right in thinking Tyler wont have these for sale?

  41. Tyler usually has a few, Woody. At least one or two.

  42. I think Ill cancel with mondo and try and get a signed print from Tylers site. I agree, mondo should put the print runs on the website.

  43. Cheers Jon, if I can get the variants from him I’ll cancel my Mondo order, if I can!

  44. I just received the Re-animator print in the mail 2 days ago.

    It it waaayy more radical than I expected. And huge.

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