Exclusive: Daniel Danger’s Sonic Youth Poster and New Art Print

Here are two wonderful new exclusive peeks from Daniel Danger.  The first is his poster for Sonic Youth’s upcoming show in Boise, ID.  It will be available at the show, then online eventually.  The second, “…has thou slain the Jabberwock?”, is a new art print inspired by Alice in Wonderland.  It will be part of the upcoming Alice-themed show at Leia Bell’s Signed and Numbered Gallery, and it will also be available directly from Daniel this weekend at Chicago’s Flatstock event.  Both of these are 12″ x 24″ five color screenprints.  Enjoy!

Click the images below to see larger views:

19 Responses to “Exclusive: Daniel Danger’s Sonic Youth Poster and New Art Print”

  1. WOW these are amazing!

  2. Incredible artwork…

  3. that jabberwocky print is creepy… love it!

  4. Amazing as always.

  5. I hate how amazing this is!!!!!
    I wish I could do that……

  6. awesome DD, hello Leia 🙂

  7. The foreground in the SY print makes me long for a Danger/Horkey collab…come on, Mitch! Make it happen!

  8. now i must definitey visit DD at flatstock…….

  9. I love both! DD is the man

  10. Definitely nice to see DD branching out from the blues; nice work on both

  11. Do you know if DD will be selling any of the Jabberwock prints online, Mitch?

  12. What he said on the ‘wow’.

  13. good lord thats amazing, and with a band i actually like on it as well for a change

  14. I would love if the jabberwock one had another color scheme. I’m always going for the red ones

  15. Definitely going to check out that show at Signed and Numbered.

  16. Damn. Loving both of these. Need ’em.

  17. Wow, that Sonic Youth print is incredible.

  18. Daniel is just insane. When I see his work I actually feel moved in some way. That’s not easy to do! He’s definitely a master!

    I second a Horkey / DD collab.

  19. I just don’t understand why you won’t hire me to assist with the 39,999 plates you are now juggling?

    I’m assuming the 40,000 plate is one you are eating off of and I don’t do dishes…



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