“CMYK Bears” HPM Set by Philip Lumbang

CMYK Projects have already launched their second print release (actually, watch for their third, a print by The Date Farmers, later this week).  Studio Number One affiliate Philip Lumbang’s “CMYK Bears” set includes three 18″ x 24″ HPM’s (hand-painted multiples), has an edition of only 7, and is $275 shipped.  Visit CMYKProjects.com.

7 Responses to ““CMYK Bears” HPM Set by Philip Lumbang”

  1. I thought these were reeeeeally cute, but that price is seriously absurd to the point of being outright laughable. $275? Really?

  2. Keep in mind this is a set of three hand-painted originals. Less than $100 each certainly isn’t that outrageous.

  3. I would not really call those “originals”.

  4. Well i’ve bought HPM’s for his last 3 prints: Mathematics, Together, and Forest Friends. I told myself that I would keep buying his releases since I love his work, but I even balked at this set. I think it’s the thought of paying $275 in 1 chunk. Were he to release them 1 at a time a month apart, I would have prolly purchased all 3!

    Oh well! His work, though, is a lot better in person. I just hope he doesn’t pull a Shep and start releasing prints every week or i’ll be one broke mutha! haha


  6. i think he just needs rent money

  7. an i think the price went down to 250!

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