Tim Doyle’s Crazy 4 Cult Poster (and Contest)

Gallery 1988 are continuing the tradition of a big, central poster for their Crazy 4 Cult show, this year they picked Tim Doyle.  They will be for sale at the show opening, and afterward via the gallery and eventually Nakatomi.  Also, as per usual, G1988 is holding a contest.  The person that can name the most weapon movie references will receive a really nice prize package including Crazy 4 Cult prints and a Luke Cheuh AP.  Get more info at the Gallery 1988 blog.

13 Responses to “Tim Doyle’s Crazy 4 Cult Poster (and Contest)”

  1. does anyone know what J,V,W,S,or 8 is? i got all the rest..
    And is #2 the gun from goldfinger?

  2. Shoot me an message on AIM, DMSrabbit. Maybe we can help each other out. Same username.

  3. dude i dont have aim.. but if you have any of those it would be greatly appreciated, and i will reply to those u dont know..

  4. No passing notes in class!

  5. Fine, Mr. Killjoy. A few are just killing me. I know what one of the items is, but can’t place it in any movie that’s been made yet. One item just seems ubiquitous to the sci-fi genre…and I’m not exactly sure what one thing is, which makes it hard to place in a movie.

  6. oh timmy… i heart u.. GREAT POSTER BTW

  7. and btw tim WTF is Y? what is that thing, i cant FIND IT ANYWHERE!!! any hints?

  8. If anyone can give me what Y is, I will give them any other one in exchange.

  9. A comic book shop full of nerds couldn’t figure out what Y was… I tried. And I have some ideas of where “W” is from depending on what “W” actually is.

  10. Holy balls…Y is like totally going to kill you when it’s revealed. And…W is from a very dork-friendly movie, but it’s a pretty ubiquitous object, so it might be hard to nail down. And yes, there is one thing in there from a movie that hasn’t come out yet, but I snuck it in as a favor to a friend. Any one worth their dork-cred will know what it is, but yes, the movie hasn’t come out yet.

  11. Hrm. Y was killing me and lo & behold, the one person I ask to look at it and it’s the only thing they knew. Handy! Got everything except I & J. Even the correct sequels/Episodes! Is it sad that I own about 60% of the objects in this print? Can’t WAIT to get my hands on this. Headed to the gallery this weekend/next week.

  12. Are there 2 objects from the SAME movie?

  13. J and R are killin me here, my buddy and I have been goin nuts over this thing…

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