Exclusive: Emek / Aaron Horkey’s Collaborative Poster for The Decemberists

So, this was the thinking:  The Decemberists, a band that (arguably) Emek has done some of his best work for, and Andrew Bird, a guy that (arguably) Aaron Horkey has done his best work for, were playing together, so what better time for the two artists to team up on a collaborative poster?  This one is a nine color screenprint, and it WILL be for sale at all three shows, so get your butt (or your friends’ butt) out there and buy a poster!  After that, they will be available online at some point.  This one could be kind of a big deal.  I will of course keep you posted, but until then, try to soak this one in.  Enjoy!

Click the image for a much larger view:

42 Responses to “Exclusive: Emek / Aaron Horkey’s Collaborative Poster for The Decemberists”

  1. unreal!

  2. Holy shit sauce!

  3. ……………………………………………………………………………………..speechless

  4. holy shit !

  5. “kind of a big deal”

  6. an emek poster with an impressive lettering….at last. nice one!dig the colors

  7. Wow , beautiful work. Silk screening is fascinating. It must be painstaking

  8. Looks like Horkey did his classic decorative borders and lettering and Emek did his classic pictorial imagery. Their styles blend well. How do they do all that neat stuff in a silkscreen? I wish I knew more about the process. Wow !!!

  9. Am I still sleeping? Is this a dream?? This is totally awesome!

  10. omfg this ROCKS!!! i love that the fish is a big bass too.. largemouth too…

  11. pretty much amazing. I was a little hesitant, but they both brought their A= game to this one. Fantastic.

  12. great collaboration, instant classic…

  13. Yeah, that’s pretty unreal– too bad I’ll never get one… :-(

  14. errr… make that A +!

  15. I bet they listened to Slayer while they did it,…

  16. OH MY GOD.

  17. WOWOWO!!!!

  18. yea, this thing is legit as fuck.

  19. I usually don’t have a physical reaction to art but I just nearly fell out of my seat.

    I have some advice to ask, though. I have tickets for the Sunday (the last) show and I was wondering how early I should get there to ensure myself a poster? Are we talking hours before? I haven’t bought a big poster at a concert in a while, and I’m getting rusty.

  20. any price info?

  21. All i can say is WoW

  22. i wouldn’t worry about the price. i would worry about an awesome piece of work that will probably have a print run under 500 when i could/should have a run of 1200

    a three day show and rabid online sales but i know they won’t print enough

  23. “a three day show and rabid online sales but i know they won’t print enough”

    I wish more than 50 would have been available for Horkey’s Andrew Bird poster at the Greek Theatre last week. They sold out before the first opening band hit the stage.

  24. Every band has a different deal.

  25. Hope I’m lucky enough to get one of these.

  26. god


  27. This is one of the best works i’ve seen in my life! I’m in awe! Really!

  28. Hmmmm……………………………….

  29. Rather gaudy.

  30. DO WANT!

  31. love largemouth bass……love victrolas…..perfect poster for me. here’s to wishing the print run is 1,000 or so…….

  32. this gets some thumbs up

  33. This is amazing….two of my favorite artists working together to do a print for one of my favorite bands…i definitely need this!

  34. damn living on the other side of the world. I’d kill to be able to get to see this show, and can only dream that i could get the art…

  35. Woah, incredible collab! Why is it you see the same bands like the Decemberists in all these posters? I guess just some bands are willing to shell out the cash for good poster art?

  36. Imagine the variants of this thing…

  37. Hey Mitch any word on the run of this print is going to be? I really hope there is going to be enough to appease the masses!

    Oh and HOLY CRAP is this awesome!!!!

  38. 300 were printed for the July 17 Marymoor show and the 18th Edgefield shows only. It sold out quickly and was $45. Well worth it…it’s gorgeous!

  39. Correction 350 were printed. . .

  40. Mini-poster is still up on the Decemberists online shop.

  41. Any ideas where I could possible find one?

  42. they ran out before i could buy one online, and they were $40 at the show (which was amazing by the way!), I want one so bad.

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