Exclusive: Emek / Aaron Horkey’s Collaborative Poster for The Decemberists

So, this was the thinking:  The Decemberists, a band that (arguably) Emek has done some of his best work for, and Andrew Bird, a guy that (arguably) Aaron Horkey has done his best work for, were playing together, so what better time for the two artists to team up on a collaborative poster?  This one is a nine color screenprint, and it WILL be for sale at all three shows, so get your butt (or your friends’ butt) out there and buy a poster!  After that, they will be available online at some point.  This one could be kind of a big deal.  I will of course keep you posted, but until then, try to soak this one in.  Enjoy!

Click the image for a much larger view:

42 Responses to “Exclusive: Emek / Aaron Horkey’s Collaborative Poster for The Decemberists”

  1. Any ideas where I could possible find one?

  2. they ran out before i could buy one online, and they were $40 at the show (which was amazing by the way!), I want one so bad.

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