New Art Print Set by Apeseven

Australia’s The National Grid has released this funky, weird new print set by Apeseven.  “Sinister Guardian” and “Broom” are both 11″ x 15″ screenprints, have editions of 30, and cost $100 for the set.  Visit

4 Responses to “New Art Print Set by Apeseven”

  1. Kinsey?……. Oh it looked like the 12″ ones

  2. Armondo, that was the first thing i thought of. they look like rip offs of kinsey’s 12″ series. same colors, rip off of the style and they even put numbers in the background …. sigh.

  3. Good I am not the only one,…. I was for sure someone would see it,…… I knew I wasnt crazy,…….. But again you dont have to be perfectly sain to see that it is a bite off of the 12′

  4. Clearly they’re different, these ones are 11’s…

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