Cougar Den “Keepondrifter” LP Preorder

Init Records has finally launched the preorder for the vinyl version of Milwaukee band Cougar Den’s debut full-length, “Keepondrifter”.  Why is this OMGPosters news?  Well, the record will be housed in a beautiful four color screenprinted jacket with full artwork by Aaron Horkey.  The final version may end up being a different colorway, but those surprises will have to come to you in the mail.  Anyway, this is on opaque blue vinyl, comes with a full album download, has a tiny edition of 500, and is only $12.  Even if you don’t listen to vinyl, this is about the cheapest you’ll ever be able to buy a Horkey screenprint for, and record frames are easy to find.  Preorder now at the Init Records Shop.

4 Responses to “Cougar Den “Keepondrifter” LP Preorder”

  1. That’s amazing, Aaron Horkey never ceases to impress. Cougar Den? Never heard of them but I might check em out because of the art.

  2. Just bought this, not really digging the sound, but it will be hanging on my wall anyway.

  3. I got one. Dont think I will be opening it though.

  4. great deal for a limited horkey screen print!

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