Preview: Brad Klausen’s “No Fin, No Future” Art Print

Like Arik Roper before, Brad Klausen produced a wonderful art print for the upcoming Japanese exhibition to help stop the practice of shark finning.  “No Fin, No Future” (which is also what the text says) is an 18″ x 24″ eight color screenprint with a gloss varnish overlay, has an edition of 125, and will be priced around $40.  Brad should have these up for sale on Sunday, July 26th.  Keep an eye on

16 Responses to “Preview: Brad Klausen’s “No Fin, No Future” Art Print”

  1. These Rock

  2. all proceeds from the sale on my site go to the cause…

  3. awesome print for a good cause

  4. Sick print Brad!! One of my all time favs of your’s. I’m a huge ocean goer and this is a must have for me. i hope i can get one.

  5. That Brad Klausen is a class act. Nice work!

  6. AMAZING!!!
    A great image for a great cause!

  7. Brads colors always just scream off the page..i have a feeling this one will not be any different.

  8. Nice work!

  9. This looks great. Hope I can grab one.

  10. Interesting subject matter. I’d love to see more work from the show.

  11. very nice job bk

  12. Brad,
    Thanks for giving sharks a voice.

    Your art work will help spread the word about the pathetic, wasteful, and socially irresponsible practice of shark finning.

    If you can, check out the documentary “Sharkwater”

  13. This is now available on Brad’s site:

  14. “Sold Out”

  15. That went quick!

  16. Thanks for your interest in the Brad Klausen/PangeaSeed collaboration. We have a few of the prints available through the PangeaSeed online shop on our website.

    These are on a first come basis and will be shipped from Japan. Don’t miss this chance to own such a special print. Your purchase will go to help save sharks and raise the awareness levels of shark conservation. Save our sharks, save our seas, save ourselves!



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