Interview With………..Me!

Well this is certainly a change for me, usually I am the one interviewing people, but someone actually wanted to interview me this time.  Evan from The Citrus Report (Upper Playground’s Online Magazine) asked me a bunch of questions, and I tried my best to answer.  If you’ve got a few spare minutes, take a gander and learn a little bit about me.  Visit

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  1. Awesome read. Was good to finally see the inner workings of you and how you started.

    This site has been my gateway drug for sure. You have introduced me to so many new and great artists. Thanks!

    Keep up the great work!

  2. You are #1, mazn. Glad to see you have made it as a significant celebrity personality in the screen printing world.

  3. Hmmm…….I can only repeat what everybody else has said, so I will: YOU THE BEST, YOU THE MAN! I am truly grateful for your blog and have purchased many fine prints as a result of YOU!


  4. EEEeeeee: It helps to think of Mitch as a giant plush that you win for your girl/boy at a carnival. (I need girls to win them for me)

    He’s a cool cat and mega deserves this.

    Congrats Mitch. It was good to read about your perspective on poster related stuff. Keep it up.

  5. Thanks for the great site Mitch! I was disturbed the other week when EB went down, but I would be completely freaked if OMG ever went off line. Your blog is my homepage and I check it every single morning. I have spent less and less time on EB over the past year, but I need my daily dose of OMG. Thanks man!

  6. Good read Mitch, you’re rockin it. Nice portrait too. Much thanks for the nod and OMG! posts. OMGvinyl has inspired me to buy many records as well.

  7. Ha! Tyler’s got you dead on there, man.
    And…thanks for calling me clever.

  8. Great interview Mitch!
    Keep up your great work!

  9. Nice interview! You’re the man now, Dog!!!!

  10. Bravo!

  11. Right on! Proud to be your Facebook friend. Great work and my friends recently moved to Iowa (last year) – gotta check it out some day.

  12. Congrats! Glad you got some recognition. It’s about time.

  13. Great interview, liked the comments on Rob Jones.

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