Exclusive: Aaron Horkey’s Andrew Bird Poster

Well folks, here it finally is, Aaron Horkey’s newest poster for Andrew Bird.  This one is an eight color screenprint on olive paper.  This is the show/Burlesque version, and there will also be a different colorway through Postersandtoys.  More info will come, until then, enjoy!!

Click the image to see a much larger view:

19 Responses to “Exclusive: Aaron Horkey’s Andrew Bird Poster”

  1. WOW… nuff said

  2. Great. Another Horkey I will be unable to resist buying.

  3. This is my favorite Horkey of ’09 so far. I’m sure he’ll kill it before the end of the year at least once. He never ceases to amaze me; just when I think I’ve seen my favorite Horkey he blows my mind with something new. I can’t wait to see the P&T version. Thanks for the great news Mitch!

  4. heavy.

    That’s the good stuff.

  5. Stop making me choose between color ways.

  6. Will the show edition be numbered separately from the Burlesque edition?

  7. “Stop making me choose between color ways.”

    I prefer the the original colors, since it is typically the artist’s original conception of the poster.

  8. andrew bird’s tour series is dope…now officially

  9. the best ones always come up while i’m trying to save money.

  10. ……..speechless, THIS IS poster of the year.

  11. This is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!…..really amazing i will buy this one!

  12. wow, that one leaves me breathless.

  13. Only Horkey can make me want to cut off my hands over a drawing of grass. What a dick.

  14. This is going to look great on my wall next to my other andrew bird/horkey print!!

  15. dude…… that is sick

  16. “Stop making me choose between color ways.”

    That’s his MO, he makes 50 editions for every print, kinda silly really.

  17. Where can I buy this one?

  18. Nowhere yet, watch this site for news.

  19. i see it on ebay for hundreds…

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