This Week’s Tiny Showcase Print: Jeff Soto

This hasn’t even really been announced yet, but Jeff Soto has dropped news that he will be this week’s artist at Tiny Showcase.  TS prints are small, inexpensive, and limited.  They drop on Tuesdays at 7:30pm EST.  Visit

Tiny Showcase doesn’t preview their prints, but here is some other work by Jeff Soto:

See more at

38 Responses to “This Week’s Tiny Showcase Print: Jeff Soto”

  1. i got one and now sold out.

  2. Self Destructive.

    Yes! Got one. Atleast I got a receipt from paypal.

    Anyone know how many are available?

  3. this is the slowest i have ever seen their site run…just go through finally, but this was worse than the last josh keyes on TS

  4. I got accidentally got 7 because I guess they kept on adding them to my cart from all that refreshing. I guess I’ll be refunded for 6 soon.

  5. Duh, didnt see the other posts up there ^^^^

  6. damn that was hairy. multiple disconnects and seemingly interminable waits for the pages to load. started trying immediately and finally got one in the 150 range. maybe i should have grabbed two, haaha.

  7. Well, got a receipt from paypal. I hope they didn’t over sell it.

  8. Never ordered from tiny show case before. Do they send out receipts or do you just hope one shows up in a week or so?

  9. Judging from years of Obey purchasing, if you received a Paypal receipt, you are safe

  10. How can you tell what number you got?

  11. I got a paypal receipt but hopefully it didn’t over sell

  12. Awesome. I actually just checked my order status on the site and they sent me a receipt that way.

    That was probably one of the hairiest times i had purchasing a print, but then again I never purchased anything from Obeys site and I probably never will.

  13. shapps, i am guessing. was refreshing the main page in another tab just to keep an eye on where they were at, and i finally got through the cart nonsense when the front page was showing 150s.

  14. Awwww, snap! Got home late and did not get one. If anyone has one they want t part with, please let me know.

  15. You guys are the best…TS told me the print sold in minutes. Thanks all for the support! There was one problem, I hope people are okay with how I am working things out-

  16. seems like a solid move to me. thx Jeff!

  17. Works for me, I dont mind buying a larger edition. Im glad I got to add to my collection.

    Good work and thanks!

  18. If I was Jeff I would donate extra 100 print’s profit to the Sea Shepard fund. But then again I am not Jeff

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