Felix Jackson Jr. Prints from White Swirl

The folks at White Swirl, a new website dedicated to all things Jack White, have commissioned and released their first art print.  They had Felix Jackson Jr. redo his popular “Leaving Records” imagery in a White Stripes-inspired colorway.  These are 18″ x 24″ screenprints with tiny editions of 22.  They are $40 each, or only $65 shipped for a set.  Visit WhiteSwirl.com.

While you’re there, you should sign up for the forum, as they are accepting user-generated questions for an upcoming interview with Rob Jones.  Definitely some cool interaction.  Again, WhiteSwirl.com.

7 Responses to “Felix Jackson Jr. Prints from White Swirl”

  1. oh man. I really like this image and jumped on the second edition, brown.

    I wish I had held out for the white version here.

  2. I would order this, but I still haven’t received the Obama posters I paid him for back in January. He doesn’t answer e-mails either unless it is to order something.

  3. Yeah, I know someone else who is having the same problem. I will not be posting his stuff anymore till he sorts that out.

    These, however, get shipped directly from the White Swirl people, who are more than reliable.

  4. What is this now the third edition lol. Does it ever end?

  5. I will be personnaly shipping these myself and they are already in hand. I k ow what you mean about reprints and I am not generally a fan of them but we thought the image matched up well with the website and its large membership of vinyl fans. Kind of pointless to be posting this now but just wanted to clarify that the prints have been received from the artist and I will be shipping them so no worries on not getting a print you ordered. We plan to do some future releases of stuff and definitely plan on starting off on a good note. I have handled another commissions print from Print Mafia in the past and did not have any problems with over 50 orders. Please stopy by the website and check it out. We are offering up a prize pack for the best question submitted to Rob Jones he will be picking the winner and the mods are throwing together a pack of poster(s), handbills and vinyl to give away. We are a new website but there are a ton of poster geeks and vinyl freaks that trade, sell and buy in our open market section. Thanks again to Mitch for posting up the information and thanks to Rob Jones for agreeing to do the interview.

  6. i dont mind the extra editions. frick, there are only 20-22 in the editions. pretty small runs if you ask me.

  7. I bought a poster of him, but have not received it.

    he is ignoring my emails and when I “contacted” him by posting a comment on his flicker account he just deleted it.

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