Arkitip Issue No. 0051 With Shepard Fairey (Now With Bonus Print)

So this came out a couple of weeks ago, and I thought it was such a terrible deal that I didn’t post about it, but things just changed.  In addition to the original package (96 page magazine with stenciled cover, Shepard Fairey 7.5″ x 10″ “Eye” art print, custom box), Arkitip is now offering the ability to add a second art print for only $10 more.  The additional print is also a 7.5″ x 10″ screenprint.  The entire package is limited to 5000 pieces, and the total price is $80 with both prints.  Furthermore, if you already ordered earlier, you can now add the second print to your order.  Visit

17 Responses to “Arkitip Issue No. 0051 With Shepard Fairey (Now With Bonus Print)”

  1. not selling so well eh !

  2. this little bonus print may actually decrease the sales

  3. Nice to see someone cares about their customers, even when they have overhyped expectations

  4. Thought the price was reasonable. I bought 2. The new print is a nice bonus. Should be free though.
    I think the real problem is moving 5000 units. I’m pretty sure if it was limited to 1000, they’d be gone. There’s not as many print and art nerds as some would think.

  5. i think including something else instead of the obey eye would be a better idea.

  6. Part/All of the problem was that people who had pre-ordered were threatening to demand refunds because they felt mislead with the advertisement that all sets would include a print specifically made for the issue (the obey eye). That is my understanding for the inclusion of the second print.

  7. the price was and still is a rip off… thats why they had to add another print. them units weren’t movin’…

    I went to the release party in hwood… only 1 of every 10 people purchased this.

  8. add em together and what do ya get: a fairly large sh*t show.

  9. What if they included a signed Hope print? Then what would you be saying?

  10. I’m better of adding another $80 and buying one of his prints

  11. What if they included a naked porn star. I’m in!

  12. You guys are funny, writing like you know exactly what is going on when actually you know nothing, just running your mouths.

    Thankfully companies like Arkitip exist, otherwise you would have nothing to complain about.

    The price with or without the added print is an excellent deal for an artist of Shepard’s caliber.

    Maybe if all of you put your heads together you could change the world. Crum by crum.

  13. They have already sold 3200… they are not moving as slow as you think.

  14. JMS! that must have been inspired by the exchange student in that movie with jason biggs! what a great idear! crums!

  15. 5000 x $80 = $400,000… THAT is sickening for this piece of crap. I started to hate Shepard last year, and now I’m just absolutely astounded by his greed. Him and his wife are in it for the money, little else. I can’t believe that his whole propagandistic schtick has fooled so many people. Uggghhh.

  16. I think it’s a very nice looking package – but hey, what do I know.

  17. Make that money Shepard! make that money. You got UP. Well done. I hope all this paper has not made him stop doing what he was when he started. GET UP! F*ck all you jealous people. Make a living and let make!

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