Patent Pending’s Nine Inch Nails Poster on Steel!!

Patent Pending Industries (aka Jesse LeDoux and Jeff Kleinsmith) just put up this insane special edition of their sold-out Nine Inch Nails poster on stainless steel.  This is 12″ x 24″ and costs $100.  They have very few available, so if you want one, I wouldn’t wait around long.  Visit

EDIT:  Edition on this one is 40, and they are already over half gone.

8 Responses to “Patent Pending’s Nine Inch Nails Poster on Steel!!”

  1. how many of these were made?

  2. Sweet thanks!

  3. that nice, plus a smaller size. i also think a great price as well.

    i wonder how many were produced and are they signed?

  4. I cut my finger open wrapping these yesterday. They look pretty sweet. Thank god they didnt go with metal the size of the OG poster.

  5. I will take the blood variant.

  6. thanks….i grabbed one…this is a keeper for me….dig it…NIN on Stainless Steel seems fitting….

  7. Jon! Oh no! We owe you a finger-mending beer in the near future. If it’s any consolation, I did notice the wrap job. A1 top shelf.

    And thanks for the orders folks. It was an edition of 40 (Currently only 4 left). Unsigned/unnumbered for the sole reason that we didn’t know a graceful way to do so that wouldn’t rub off with time.

  8. Jesse, Tyler used something sharp like an Xacto to carve in the S/N.

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