“Grottaglie” Art Print by Dave Kinsey

Big thanks to reader Moog for pointing this out to me.  Italy’s Studiocrombie has a new art print by Dave Kinsey for sale. “Grottaglie”, available in both blue and gray versions, is a 20″ x 27.5″ screenprint, has an edition of 75 (each color), and is 110€.  Visit Studiocrombie.org.

5 Responses to ““Grottaglie” Art Print by Dave Kinsey”

  1. those were there last year .. should have got one. !

  2. Yup. These have been up for around 9 months.

  3. This is Old News…

    for an edition of 75, how could these still be around?

    These have been around for ever, and then some….

  4. Which is precisely why I thought it was new. Well, that and the bunk tip from Mooooooog. Kidding.

  5. it i shard to believe they are still around .. i really dig it

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