A Statement From Expressobeans.com

“Although we had hoped that EB’s downtime would be very limited (and thus no mention/statement need be made) it appears that we may be down for a bit and not quite sure what the timeline is at the moment.
However, the EB staff would like to make it clear that this is a server/programming issue and NOT something that stems from a financial problem.  We are not “down for the count” and have every intent to have the site back up as soon as it can be managed.  There is a solid group of people who work to keep the site running – not a single person.
While we don’t have a timeline knowing when the site will be back up at this point, we are doing what we can to make it happen as soon as is possible from our end.  We know that many people use the site but also please bear in mind that there isn’t much we can do beyond where we are.  Please try to be patient – if you’re going thru withdrawl, breathe and you’ll be fine ; )
Hope to see you all back at EB soon…”
-Brendan (EB President)

15 Responses to “A Statement From Expressobeans.com”

  1. That’s definitely good news. I was a little concerned after reading some of the earlier comments on here. Thanks for the update Brendan. I hope that the team at EB is able to get the site up and running again soon.

  2. Whew.

  3. Wow, hope you get it up soon. I’ve got about 6 trades that I need to grab addresses for from my inbox.

  4. Thanks so much for even doing the site, especially since for us its free, great job, thanks again, see you soon

  5. I just donated 2 days before it went down

  6. Thanks for the update Brenden, I hope it’s back up soon too…cheers-coleslaw

  7. Withdrawls… breathing won’t stop the shakes I am having.

    Imagine all the boards/forums that now have all these beanies running around and not making much sence in their writings… not that we make that much anyway.

  8. yeah i too just donated little bit too…
    all good things in all good time though…

  9. what a bunch of stoners, lol

  10. Thanks for posting that admin.

  11. excellent – top site – im sure donations will increase – cant be going through this again – now wheres the whiskey

  12. Where am I supposed to go and find out if I’m popular, or if people hate me now?!?

  13. EB is back in business! Thanks for your patience everyone!

  14. EB is back on line!

  15. I can now uncurl myself from a naked fetal position and relish in my expressobeans fervor once again.

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