Some Killer New Shirts at Mondotees

Horror hounds, here’s your quick heads up that Mondotees has a few awesome new shirts in stock.  First, they reprinted Jon Vermilyea’s Deadly Spawn shirt in Black and Slime.  Second, they have an awesome zombie-inspired Badass Cinema shirt up for grabs.  Everything is available in most mens sizes for $20-$25 each.  Visit

2 Responses to “Some Killer New Shirts at Mondotees”

  1. Can you really sell t-shirts made from 100% pure plagiarism? Does anybody else recognize this poster from the film “Return of the Living Dead”? Do a google image search and compare it to the original. They even left traces of the word “Dead” on the tombstone. The movie was BADASS… selling stolen artwork is LAME-ASS.

  2. I think the similarity between this and the movie were intentional. It is a movie theater which play’s classic films afterall. Jon’s deadly spawn design is killer.

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