“Ixtaccihuatl” Art Print by El Mac

El Mac, probably best known for his Barack Obama poster, has a pretty stunning new art print available.  “Ixtaccihuatl” is a 30″ x 30″ screenprint, has an edition of 75, and is $400.  I can’t really get behind the price, but it sure looks cool. Visit ElMac.net.

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  1. Like the print! But feel that the price is a couple hundred dollars off.


  3. I too cannot get behind the price but it does indeed look cool.

  4. He’s obviously not serious about selling it.

  5. Easily a pass for me on that price.

  6. I went to the Self Help Graphics show yesterday, where this was one of the many prints. they were ALL priced this high. it was surreal, being surrounded by PRINTS that were at minimum 250$. and usually $300+. (and they weren’t exclusively tiny runs either. 80s. 200s.)

    I wish there had been a warning on the flyer, “for rich collectors and gallery owners only. unless you want to buy an 8×6 woodcut print for 40 bucks”.

    on the high side: this piece is gorgeous when seen at 30×30. not $400 gorgeous. but $80 you-betcha gorgeous.

  7. I saw El Mac & Retna a few weeks back at a local gallery here in LA… The print looks amazing in person, but after I found out the price… I instantly walked away.

    He also has another print same color and style, I believe it was about $250, but smaller size.

  8. His work is great and all but just too expensive…

  9. I love the print, but $400 is asking a bit much. Nothing personal to El Mac, but that is just insane.

  10. Let’s not judge too quickly. Maybe Mitch forgot to mention that each one comes with a mint condition Spider Man number one. In that case, it’s a super deal! yay!

    I really hope it comes with Spider Man number one.

  11. WAit so does that mean there are only 75 prints of this available?

  12. damn nvm they sold out

  13. It’s fascinating to read this in 2016. I have 2 El Mac Prints at the same price point in 2008 and 2009, and now they are worth over $1000.

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