Photos From TRPS 2009

Last weekend marked TRPS’ annual poster exhibition,  Rockart by the Bay.  The event also included the screen debut of An American Artifact, the new documentary about the rise of rock poster art.  Arrested Motion photographer Ken Harman sent over a bunch of great photographs.  It’s really great to see a lot of the oldschool guys, plus put some faces to current guys from the Bay.  Check out the photos on

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  1. It was cool – I should have asked if anyone else was going as it would have been good to meet up with like minded people.

    The film was great – It started off on the real old school from Griffin to Mouse and up to Kozik to Coop. It made me also think about what these guys go through as Jermaine Rogers said when he started he could only afford to eat one meal a day as he was so broke – Make you think about writing such a quick dismiss off hand comment on blogs when one of his prints come up.

    The film has no distributor yet so I would order on direct off the website as for people, like us, who likes prints then the films a home run.
    I enjoyed it !!

    Next time if one of these events appear I will check to see if anyones interested in meeting up.

  2. Yeah, I had a blast, it was great seeing old friends like Justin Hampton and catching up with some of the great local talents like Ron and Dave. Anyway, bummed I didn’t get a chance to meet up with any OMG readers, we’ll definitely all have to get some lunch or a drink next time there’s a cool event in town.

  3. yeah i woulda been totally down, just didn’t know it was happening…..if anyone has a heads up next time that’d be the word.

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