“My Home Is The Sea” Art Print Set by Mat Pringle

I am in love with this set of nautical art prints by Mat Pringle.  “My Home Is The Sea” comes with three 10″ x 10″ screenprints, has a tiny edition of 30, and is only £15 (about $25).  Any way you look at it, these are a great deal.  Visit Mat Pringle’s Store.

8 Responses to ““My Home Is The Sea” Art Print Set by Mat Pringle”

  1. top prints from a top chap, good shit

  2. doesn’t ship to Canada? nice 😛

  3. Send him a mail and he will most likely make an exception. That is exactly what I did.

  4. thanks for the advice. i just sent one to him. cheers.

  5. MP is the man, and these are lovely as always!

  6. Hi all,

    Thanks for the kind words everybody and apologies for not having shipping rates for lots of countrys listed – I wasn’t quite expecting such a response and I’m genuinely very flattered. So email me direct and I’ll send you a shipping quote.

    Thanks again,


  7. Mat FTW! I had to pick these up. Great price and good looking prints!

  8. Darn, late. Great job Mat.

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