“Alva Frontside” Art Print by Shepard Fairey

The newest Obey Giant art print is actually a collaboration between Shepard Fairey, photographer Wynn Miller, and skateboarder Tony Alva.  “Alva Frontside” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, comes in red or gold (each with an edition of 250, allegedly), and will be $80.  The print will be signed by Fairey, Miller, and Alva.  These go up tomorrow (Tuesday, June 23rd) at a random time.  Visit ObeyGiant.com.

23 Responses to ““Alva Frontside” Art Print by Shepard Fairey”

  1. Look at me, I can use Photoshop! Weeeeeeee!

  2. http://obeygiant.com/images/2009/06/Alva-30×44-Paper.jpg

    not just photoshop….

  3. Look at me, I can post comments on the Intarwebs!

  4. not photoshop, alva is made in vector. nice print!

  5. This is pretty damn sweet.

  6. I personally love it. I think it blows last years Alva out of the pool.

  7. Realistically, the image is probably converted to b & w, has the threshhold blown out in photoshop and then brought into illustrator and converted to a vector image. This is pretty much how shep & every “how to make a stencil tutorial” on the web breaks it down.

  8. $80 for an 18 x 24 poster that’s an edition of that size? are you kidding me? give the high prices a rest, shep.

  9. He’s had a history of high prices, so why the surprise?

  10. Yeah, plus every time a print is signed by more than just Shepard, it has always been expensive. That has been going on for years.

  11. The printing on these is also a lot nicer than the garden variety Obey halftone hell bullshit prints.

  12. its a cool photo, no doubt, but the only good thing about this release is that people can now buy it really big for 80 bucks. and shep gets to make loot off it. hey i guess i would do it too but

  13. I like the red !

  14. alva and wynn def get some of the profits on this or a bunch of the edition to sell…got mine directly from alva’s gallery they had quite a few of these for sale…great print(s) of a legend imo!

  15. Frontside smith grinds rock my world! Kick ass pair of blazers too….

  16. Flippers beware… this print is already on eBay(it sold at a show they had already), and it hasn’t fetched much of a profit, they are asking $200 and getting no buyers, anyways best of luck to those who wish to purchase it!

  17. vector?…… RUBYLITH… come on now people

  18. up but won’t go into the cart

  19. i had it in the cart but decided not to buy…too expensive

  20. anybody wanna trade their red for my gold?

  21. How can it be a vector when the image is clearly made up of dots ie pixels not lines which means it is a raster image.

  22. part vector, part rubylith and photshop for textures, quite nicely done i might add. Its all about the photo with this piece.

  23. BORING—————the xtra signing is dope cause hes a godfather but not in this recession age would i drop the $.

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