A Huge Load of New Art Prints by Friendswithyou

Kidrobot just unleashed a serious load of amazing art prints by Miami art duo Friendswithyou.  There are eight new prints in all.  Six of them are 26″ x 36″, have editions of 100, and are priced at $50-$100.  The other two are a MASSIVE 38″ x 50″, have editions of 50, and are $200.  I’m guessing these are screenprints, but I’m not certain, maybe one of you knows? Either way, these are truly amazing.  Visit Kidrobot.com.

EDIT:  Just confirmed these are all screenprints.  Awesome!!

Via Joy Engine.

3 Responses to “A Huge Load of New Art Prints by Friendswithyou”

  1. I like them!

  2. i love em’. sadly (or gladly!) ill probably need to get most of these. darn you kidrobot.

  3. Anybody know if they’re signed?

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