“The 27 Club” Collaborative Art Print by PNE

PNE (aka the all-star team of artists Emek, Jermaine Rogers, and Justin Hampton) have teamed up for their first-ever collaborative art print.  “The 27 Club” is a 24″ x 28″ screenprint, has an edition of 200, and will be $100.  There is a Black Glow variant with an edition of 100, also priced at $100.  These go up tomorrow (Friday, June 19th) at a random time between 3pm-4pm EST.  Visit PNE3.com.

Click the images to see larger:

19 Responses to ““The 27 Club” Collaborative Art Print by PNE”

  1. sick print! i like both but $100 is kinda steep isn’t it? i guess with 3 artist they have to split that 3 ways and overhead costs.

  2. Awesome!!! that GID print rocks, I want to see it in the dark.

  3. is this gonna be s/n?

  4. ^ They will be s/n.

  5. yeah purty dope, and not totally surprising about the price but where da recession at. i might have to lay off half of my staffs just to pay for all these overpriced prints i’m buyin. dang son.

  6. Putting out new artwork before they mail out the sticker sets, ey?

  7. I love this poster. Having said that…did anyone else interpret it as a celebration of dying at 27? Someone said that to me and I wasn’t sure if I saw it that way.

  8. Jennifer C…

    I did not take it that way…go to The 27 Club on wiki and it will explain it much better.

  9. UncleEbeneezer, on June 18th, 2009 at 11:57 am Said:

    Putting out new artwork before they mail out the sticker sets, ey?

    Yeah WTF is up with that?

  10. Here, Jennifer:

  11. Hello 13 & Greg – yeah I know the reference and have read the wiki, I was just curious what their take on the cult idea was. I got the email from the mailing list, but was just wondering the implications beyond that. Thanks though ya’ll! =)

  12. yeah its cool to die young, everybody knows that silly! get crunk! do esctasy! hit that rock!

  13. this site sucks. why even bother offering a special released poster when their server can’t handle the excess people trying to buy. get a better server or have someone else process your sales, or gtfo

  14. Sorry to hear you had trouble hammertime, I agree though it was a nightmare getting them checked out, but I managed to score both :0)

  15. i was lucky to get the glow in the dark after the site said it was sold out.

  16. God job, Congrat’s!! the GID is my favorite of the two.

  17. I tried OVER AND OVER AND OVER again and paypal errorer everytime. I finally got the color one, but really wanted the b/w. Would anyone wanna trade? =)

  18. Great picture above….RIP to the newcomer to the Club….Amy Winehouse:(:(

  19. I’d like to order a poster but I’m having problems connecting to the site provided. Will someone help me out here?

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