“March of the Exiled” Art Print by Andy Kehoe

Yep, Andy Kehoe is getting a lot of love around here, and for good reason.  First it was the interviews, now he has a new art print available.  “March of the Exiled” is a 12″ x 18″ giclee, has an edition of 40, and is $60.  Buy one at his Etsy Shop.

6 Responses to ““March of the Exiled” Art Print by Andy Kehoe”

  1. This print is beautiful. I love the details. I can’t wait to get mine and have it framed. Wish I have enough dough to buy one of his originals.

  2. I do love Andy’s work and I think the approach and the detail on the trees here is amazing – but that’s just many cats for me as I am an avowed non-cat (as opposed to “anti-cat”) person. If those were six dogs. I’d be all over this one 😉

    Bring on the Acorn People!

  3. Just think of them as dogs that look like cats…


  5. Here here Mr. Beef

  6. only 2 left

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