“Eryops Rising” Art Print by Aaron Horkey (Both Versions)

Holy smokes, check out this new art print by Aaron Horkey. The Burlesque edition of “Eryops Rising” is an eight color screenprint with an edition of 100. The Japanese Mega-Fauna version is also eight colors, but has an edition of only 60. The art was originally created for an upcoming Jesu/Fog collaborative record. These should go up for sale soon at Burlesque Design and Mega-Fauna, and I will of course keep you posted. Until then, enjoy!

Click the images to see larger views.

Burlesque Design Version:

Mega-Fauna Version:

19 Responses to ““Eryops Rising” Art Print by Aaron Horkey (Both Versions)”

  1. like a breath of fresh air. love it.

  2. im buying both. when will these go up?

  3. I actually like the Burlesque version better.

  4. if the price is reasonable ill buy two, if not, ill just buy one.

  5. Loving the border work and scalloped black frame. Both variants look great to me, but hope I can snag the BRLSQ version.

  6. Yeah. I like that Burlesque version.

  7. Gotta love some fresh Horkey. So beautiful! Love that field, and the shoes!

  8. its gotta be da shoes

  9. Did someone say Jeff Soto?

  10. OMG – I want one of these. Saw the sketch posted without the eye, but love that addition. This glorious thing is singing with an intense softness.

  11. Awesome, love it.. are those shoes in the field.

  12. when is the on sale? Is soon today?

  13. OK, I LOVE Horkey’s work, I have 7 framed up on my walls, but the single small eyeball creeps me out. Otherwise it’s great.

  14. Korkey kills, but this isn’t my favorite piece of his. Masterfully done as always though.

  15. As with others, I like Horkey but don’t care for this print.

    It seems weird just for the sake of being weird. Like a tribal band tattoo in the 90’s, I can appreciate the workmanship but don’t really want one.

  16. I like the simplicity of it.

  17. does anybody know the pirce on this print? i hope it isnt really high like the detritius one was. I think it will cost less, since it isnt being sold through a gallery/show. But I might be wrong.

    Anybody have the price points on these??

  18. I always like Horkey’s posters for bands better than his “art prints.” I feel like that big open hole in the middle needs some sweet text in it, instead of that dumb eye. The field and sky look amazing, but I don’t think I’ll be buying this one.

  19. If you want to be the first to know about the onsale information for this print and others from Aaron Horkey and Burlesque, sign up for our newsletter at http://burlesquedesign.com/newsletter/subscribe.htm

    Thanks for putting this up Mitch!

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