“Heat Death” Art Print by Jeremy Geddes

Big thanks to a reader for the heads up on this, it is just stunning.  Jeremy Geddes was commissioned by Ashley Wood to make this insane painting, and now it is available as an art print.  “Heat Death” is an 11″ x 28″ giclee, has an edition of 100, and is $160.  If you’ve got the dough, this one is sure to impress people.  Visit JeremyGeddesArt.com.

Click the image for a larger view:

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  1. this is nuts. i thought it was a picture at first.

  2. Wow!

  3. holy shit this is amazing. cant afford it now tho

  4. I wish I could get this.

  5. His falling cosmonauts are really beautiful, but I find the rest of his work is too similar to Phil Hale.

  6. Stunning.


  8. this is incredible

  9. Yea, like beefloaf, I like it, but not too sure whats going on.

  10. I just received my copy of this print and it is stunning! That $160 is aussie dollars too, so a bit cheaper for US buyers. Good to see Geddes getting coverage here on OMG.

  11. Man I want one of these but it would be hard to explain what the picture is all about. I would need an explanation.

  12. Picked one of these prints up, can’t wait to see it in person. I’m just guessing it’s raining dead Cosmonauts that have re-entered our atmosphere? Looks great though!!

    I found this article from http://www.australianedge.net regarding which may or may not help.

    Your new series of paintings which feature a weightless cosmonaut in urban settings, what was your thinking coming into this series?

    The cosmonaut paintings are a step away from my old method of painting, where every element was strictly controlled to enforce a particular narrative. I found that controlling the structure too tightly limited the stories that the viewer could bring to it. With these paintings I’m trying to leave the narrative ambiguous and open to interpretation, whilst juxtaposing enough disparate elements to make some sort of interpretation necessary. I’m keen to never give enough clues to block any potential explanation the viewer might bring. I want to spark questions, rather than answer them.

  13. Thanks Swin I wish I could see the quality of the print I want to but one right now. Anybody have a picture of this or his previous prints?

  14. im curious how his other prints look in person as well. his painting skills are freaking awesome, but i still prefer seeing the prints in person. btw the print cost $130.98 US if anyone decides to buy one.

  15. These cosmonaut paintings are amazing. The colors are so smooth and everything is so perfect. Is there a cosmonaut toy in the works? He mentions ‘box art’ on his blog…


    Either way, I have a new painter to watch!

  16. Got mine the other day. Looks great in person.

  17. If anyone has a Heat Death print for sale, or knows someone give me a heads up. I know it’s a long shot but I’m not giving up. Ill pay 400. Just email me at buckypoo@gmail.com

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