“Duality of Humanity 5” Art Print by Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey and Obey Giant will release the fifth print in the Duality of Humanity series, a collaboration with photographer Al Rockoff.  I have to say, I’m really liking this one, anyone else?.  It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 450, and will be $50.  These go up on Wednesday, June 17th at a random time.  Visit ObeyGiant.com.

44 Responses to ““Duality of Humanity 5” Art Print by Shepard Fairey”

  1. this actually looks not bad.

  2. Yea Unicorns are cool too but equally as hard to get a hold of

  3. I’m actually off of work that day so I’ll try for this. Should just go into the woods and try for that unicorn instead.

  4. Flip!

  5. Very nice image. I like the gradient pattern he did in the background. But wait a sec…. No usual Fairey Flower coming out of the rifle barrel?! What the heck is going on? LOL

  6. I love the background pattern – very detailed.

    I will try for the unicorn.

  7. this is the shep i respect. will try but no high hopes of getting one

  8. Now this is clearly a real gun so a rose in the barrel would have made sense. The kids in the Martha Copper print had zip/rubber band guns.Poor fool is backwards.At the exhibit gallery on Sat night Shep was acting really sketchy and not wanting to sign some items. I heard quite a few people complaining

  9. This is a solid print, I really dig that backround. I like unicorns as well.

  10. ricky—“At the exhibit gallery on Sat night Shep was acting really sketchy and not wanting to sign some items. I heard quite a few people complaining”

    I was at the exhibit show….maybe we bumped in to each other….I had the exact opposite impression. Shepard was awesome, and super accommodating(and his dj skills were up to par–I liked what was being played all night)….he signed a couple things and even took a pic with me and my friends…..oh, I threw him a curve ball and asked him to sign a dollar bill….he laughed and said, hey it’ll be worth $1.01 now!!!–now that’s propaganda…

    oh, and that doh is worth a shot…

  11. i want a unicorn!

    this is a nice print hope to get my hands on one.

  12. Great comment Ricky. Where’s my rolling eyes emoticon when I need it.

  13. Unicorns are delicious.


  15. Can you see the unicorn in the pattern – top left.

  16. It’s now going on sale on Tuesday

  17. BEEFLOAF, what will your decision be regarding the unicorn?

  18. i dont understand the whole unicorn thing. i will definitely try for this one. since im on summer break.

  19. I am not seeing any unicorns?

  20. they are everywhere!!!

  21. I already have 2 unicorns in my art collection. Would love this, but will be hard to get for sure. Good luck everyone!

  22. So
    will the unicorn print be released today or tomorrow – Front screen says today and all other says tomorrow.
    Does anyone have a quick in with Obey to confirm which day ?

  23. dont worry about it… tomorrow

  24. Sure ?

  25. ~11:45 AM Pacific time release. Enjoy! Mine will be on eBay soon =)

  26. Up and locked out
    Hames = Nice thanks

  27. wow – Think I snagged one.
    Its been a long time – Last one was the Love Unites which was some time ago.

  28. I looked on expressobeans, the giant.org and the obey website and I did not see a unicorn print. When do they drop?

  29. In line for another one, stuck at the confirmation screen, last step =(

  30. Ricky – its up !
    Stephen keep refreshing !

  31. any love?

  32. had it in my cart. lost it during the check out process. f**king PayPal.


  33. Am I being punked? :-(

  34. I got 2!

  35. How ?

  36. was pretty stoked that i am off of work tomorrow and might have been able to get one of these. I’m still going after the unicorn…

  37. Stephen-

    Since you got a couple and selling them on Ebay – What is your ebay name so I can purchase one from ya. I missed out.

  38. WTF THIS SAYS IT COMES OUT TOMORROW.. and its already sold out.. NICE!!!!!!! So i guess you posted the time and date wrong, should have go the info from obeygiant.. sux i miss out now..

  39. They for sure did say Wednesday when this was posted, I think they chaged the date at the last minute. Can anyone confirm?

  40. The date was originally set for Wednesday. I noticed it changed sometime yesterday morning. Also got a twitter message from Shep that the release date was wrong about an hour before the sale.

  41. Does anyone know if I can buy it anywhere? And what’s up with only printing 450 copys? Where’s the propaganda in that…

  42. They gave a full 24 hours notice of the change – They changed the release date on Obeys front page but saying that there was allot of confusion.

  43. 450 copies is pretty darn high. I wish he would drop it back down to 300.

    If you have purchased Obey prints in the past, you should know that MOST drops are on Tuesday or Thursday. Of course there have been exceptions.

  44. well shitfuck. I hadn’t checked OMG in a few days only to find out this print dropped. That happened with the last 2 kinsey prints as well. I mean I have better things to spend my unemployment check on, but this would go nicely with my other DOH print…

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