The Poster Work of Doe Eyed Design

Omaha, Nebraska’s Doe Eyed Design (aka Eric Nyffeler) is pumping out some really beautiful concert posters here in the midwest.  His work is hand-printed, limited, and very inexpensive (we’re talking $15-$25 shipped).  Here’s another guy that deserves some support for sure, he’s got a good thing going.  Check out these and a few others in the Classifieds.

11 Responses to “The Poster Work of Doe Eyed Design”

  1. what happened to your 10 questions with artists?

  2. Representing Nebraska right.

    Very nice.

  3. What?! No “Flight of the Conchords” print?? How dare you! I thought peddling that band was a requirement for this site. LOL

  4. The 10 Questions got too personal. I really dig Doe Eyed’s stuff, especially the Decemberists one. So good and a great example of design, color, and composition.

    Check it:

  5. Actually, I’m up for some Q and A. The more personal the better!

  6. Ten Questions shall return very soon.

  7. Combine all – Ten Questions on “flight of the conchords”!

  8. The Flight of the Conchords series is over. Nearly all of my favorite artists did posters for them, thus all the coverage.

  9. awesome work.

  10. All those Flight of the Conchords prints were a part of a series?! I had no idea. That was a cool idea. Is “Mogwai” a series as well?

  11. Yep, I did that and the Mogwai series. Also did ones for Pelican and Black Moth Super Rainbow. Next one is Sonic Youth.

    For the record, Eric is from Lincoln, I always just think he’s from Omaha.

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