“Iron Mask Or The Cosby Sweater” Art Print by Felix Jackson Jr.

Wow, Felix Jackson Jr. has really been on a roll lately.  “Iron Mask Or The Cosby Sweater” is an 18″ x 24″ seven color screenprint, has an edition of 50, and is $30 shipped.  Visit FelixJacksonJr.com.

5 Responses to ““Iron Mask Or The Cosby Sweater” Art Print by Felix Jackson Jr.”

  1. Great sweater.

    On a side note – I like how he photos his prints – On his last print, the leaving music, he photographed it the same. I then went a sorted a frame (thank you American framers for saving me $$$) that was the same to the photo- the wood surround in a light grain…. it looks great.

  2. I bought a poster of him, but have not received it.

    he is ignoring my emails and when I “contacted” him by posting a comment on his flicker account he just deleted it.

    others are having the same problems, and i would strongly advice people to not buy anything from him, as you may very well not get it..

  3. Same problem as Print Monkey. Me and a guy at work both purchased from his store on his website on July 10th. No print. Will not return emails. Lame.

  4. same problem. i ordered back in june and have yet to receive anything. ive emailed a bunch of times but he generally doesnt respond. he responded once a few months back, and said the poster was on its way. but still nothing, and he hasnt returned subsequent emails. really lame considering the fact that he managed to deduct money from my paypal account very quickly and efficiently.

  5. come on Felix….speak up man. You are taking peoples money and giving them nothing. You respond right away when someone emails you to order something. So I know your email is still up and running. But if we email about placed orders you ignore it. You sent an email saying it was being shipped like 1 1/2 months ago. Dudes, karma is gonna get you. You make great art and steal from people. You have a website with a store. You deduct cash from paypal super fast and send no product. And stangly enough the transaction mysteriously disappeared from my paypal history. Be ashamed.

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